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Entertainment Management

Behind every successful artist is a talented team of dedicated professionals, ensuring that every aspect of promotion, financing, contract negotiation and tour management is coordinated to reach the audience that they deserve. Recent changes in the music industry have created exciting opportunities in entertainment organizations, including record companies, music publishers, music licensing orgainzations, recording studios, concert promoters, broadcasters and online services. 


Program Description

This full-time 48 week program guides students through the many complexities and developments in the entertainment industry, full of generous first-hand knowledge from industry professionals and culminating in an internship opportunity with a related company.
  • During the Business Skills Term, students learn the essentials of artist management, including how to plan concert tours and shows, sales and distribution, event management, promotion and merchandising, video production, and financial administration
  • The Computer Skills Term covers the increasingly important fundamentals of web design, graphic advertising and online marketing; transferable skills that are promotional necessities in today's competitive marketplace
  • The Music Industry Term focuses on the changing climate of the music business and the role played by agents and managers, with valuable information about publishing and copyright law, tour management and record production
  • The final term is a 180-hour internship in a relevant position to apply your acquired skills in a real-world environment



The many entertainment business skills you will gain during this program include:
  • Business communications
  • Artist Management
  • Entertainment Marketing: contracts, promotion, publicity, digital distribution, etc.
  • Introduction to record companies
  • Introduction to intellectual properties
  • Principles of the Entertainment Industry

What The Faculty Are Saying

Career Outlook

Our graduates pursue successful careers as:
  • Personal Manager / Artist Manager
  • Booking Agent 
  • Artist Relations Representative
  • Music Business Entrepreneur
  • Music Retail Sales Manager
  • Tour Publicist
  • Music Contractor

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