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Faculty Profile

Steve Benford

Audio Engineering Instructor

Steve is an award winning mastering engineer, with thousands of hours of studio time under his belt, and a platinum album award for "Women in Songs 7". Along with being a talented engineer, Steve is also a courteous, thoughtful and patient instructor. The students have an opportunity to review our instructors on a term by term basis, and Steve consistently scores among the highest, with comments from students praising his ability to convey information effectively, in a way that is both logical and fun.

Steve has been with Trebas for over ten years, and currently teaches Mixing & Mastering and Pro Tools. We're proud to have such an amazing person / instructor on board with us.

Steve has been involved in the audio community for over fifteen years, primarily focused on honing his skills as a Mastering engineer. Working as both a freelance engineer and at facilities such as Rouge Valley Studio and Phase One has allowed him to build up a large body of work encompassing a wide variety of genres. Some of these projects include: Jay Malinowski, Staggered Crossing, The Johnstones, The Sinisters, Famous Underground, Nephelium, Redeemer, Big Tobacco, Julian Taylor, Michala Todd, Depeche Mode, compilation soundtracks for the CBC and CTV, as well as numerous independent releases.

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