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Marilyn Wasney, MHS, BHA, WPICC

Multiple Programs

Entertainment Management / Event & Venue Management

Marilyn's experience in event planning extends over 20 years in private and public sectors of the marketing and healthcare industries. During this time, she has enjoyed organizing a broad range of events that include conferences, educational seminars, special parties, and weddings. Marilyn has planned events for as few as 15 people or as many as 1,000.

Marilyn's interest in event planning started when she worked as a Marketing Director for several shopping centres. She believes that her success has stemmed from approaching clients and colleagues with respect, dignity, and in a mature manner in both her professional and personal life. In addition, Marilyn is known for her creative abilities, organization skills, and attention to detail. She credits her mother for her culinary ambitions and for encouraging her to become a Chef/Pastry Chef which has contributed greatly when assisting clients in organizing catering for events.
In addition to being a Certified Wedding Coordinator, Marilyn also holds a Master of Health Administration and other education in adult education, as well several diplomas and certificates in the area of gerontology. As an Administrative Gerontologist she has participated in a number of committees with respect to event planning including serving five years on the Ontario Seniors' Secretariat Seniors' Month Committee.

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