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Faculty Profile

François Aubry

Film & TV Production Instructor

François Aubry entered into the world of film as Director / Writer before moving to special photographic effects and editing, trying to push the limits of his visual capacities. He was trained by British D.O.P. Eric Chamberlain as cinematographer, by world renowned editor Werner Nold, and trained into the most advanced animation and visual effects technology by award-winning artists Norman McLaren, Sydney Goldsmith, and Colin Low. Moving quickly to the front of his field, he began winning international contracts including Highlander III, and collaborating with directors like Denys Arcand, Robert Lepage, Atom Egoyan, Patricia Rosema, Thom Fitzgerald, and more. He then began shooting documentary TV series worldwide, and was official Cinematographer of exclusive interviews for Dave Karger's Oscar Watch on EW (Entertainment Weekly- New York) four years in a row. Awards: Chris Award - twice nominated for Gemini Awards, and for Genie Awards, as well as gold medal in Huston, Silver Apple, Red Ribbon (New York) and First of Category in Fine Arts in Birmingham.

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