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Film & Television Production

Trebas Institute's Film & Television Production program delivers all you need to know to take an idea to the big screen and begin an exciting career in the entertainment industry. From screenwriting to post-production - and all the audio and visual techniques in between -you will have access to industry standard equipment and the best instructors available today. The combination of comprehensive training and job-focused resources has made this internationally recognized program one of the most respected in the industry.


Program Description

No previous experience? No problem! Our full-time 48 week training will provide plenty of hands-on experience in the many interrelated roles that make movie magic happen over the course of four progressive terms.
  • The Scriptwriting, Audio & Online Video Term develops your storytelling abilities and understanding of the role of sound and music, while preparing you for the countless opportunities available in online video production
  • The Production Term will give you the skills to effectively produce and direct, including camera work, lighting, sound and cinematography
  • The Editing and Management Term introduces important editing training necessary during post-production, along with valuable planning, development, distribution and marketing business skills
  • During the Final Project Term, your accumulated acquired skills will be integrated throughout a complete production cycle, finishing with an appreciation for the art of the "pitch" in getting your projects off the ground

What The Faculty Are Saying

Career Outlook

Steady growth is expected in the television and film industries, with rapidly increasing opportunities available in corporate and artistic online video. It is a highly dynamic, competitive and collaborative industry, where networking and apprenticeship may open unexpected doors. Trebas commits to ensuring your success by offering lifelong employment assistance, including coaching to market yourself professionally, exclusive access to internship and job offers, and interview preparation. 

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