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Sound Design College Courses

Learn the most sophisticated production software! Explore the possibilities offered from state-of-the-art audio production software: creation, recording, sampling, mixing and more. Protools®, Cubase®, Reason®, HALion® and Tassman®!
Recreate the original soundtrack of a film or an animation! Audio allows us to transmit messages, create an ambiance, define an atmosphere and provoke emotions through music. Discover Foley as well and how everyday objects can contribute to the creation of a rich and effective soundtrack.

Create original sound for video games, radio and the web!

Many entertainment sectors are now in need of sound design for websites, television, radio, cinema, video games, mobile apps and pop music including DJs.


Classes include: 

  • Overview of the music and entertainment industry
  • Music theory (rhythm, melody, harmony)
  • MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) Protocol
  • Music for film
  • Sound design for video games
  • Sound editing and mixing using ProTools®
  • Post-production for film & television


What The Faculty Are Saying

Start Dates:

Fall, Winter, Summer



45 weeks over 3 sessions (see admission criteria)



Attestation of collegial studies (Program recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Science of Quebec)


Financial aid available

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