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Dj Arts & Techniques

Express your creativity! Whether it is through your original music or your spectacular performances, you will have the chance to express your creativity.

Familiarize yourself with the equipment!  You will get an overview of different equipment that DJ’s have at their disposal: mixers, controllers, vinyl and CD turntables, MP3’s, encoded records, software, and related components.

Structure your business! Many graduates will opt for the creation of their own business while others will choose to offer their services to existing businesses; we will prepare you to all eventualities.


The DJ profession has greatly evolved in the past several years. Today a DJ is no longer a shade in a dark corner of the club; DJs are accomplished composers and creators. They often find themselves at corporate events and weddings working for their own business. Come learn all the required aspects to become a complete and professional DJ. 


Program Content Summary :

  • Mixing existing or original compositions following the rules of composition
  • Properly installing and using the required equipment
  • Using current creation, mixing and editing software
  • Effectively marketing your creations
  • Effectively managing your career
  • Organizing the promotion and production of a concert.


What The Faculty Are Saying

Start Dates:

Fall, Winter, Summer



30 weeks over 2 sessions (see admission criteria)



Attestation of collegial studies (Program recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Science of Quebec)


Financial aid available

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