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Graduate Testimonials

"I have been working in this industry since the age of eleven, with my first published songwriting credit. From there I progressed [through] many different roles over the years. By the time I finished high school, I had already opened up for Grammy award-winning artist Rhianna with my hip-hop group N.B.A.  As my experience grew, I wanted to learn more about the business side of the music world so I could start my own record label and management company. When I discovered Trebas Institute it was exactly the fuel I needed for my vehicle. Trebas gave me the tools I needed to succeed further and carry my career into the next stratosphere. I was a Trebas Student myself not long ago and today I have Trebas Students interning for my company and grads working for us! I own a record label Seven 30 Ent and Management company. We represent clients like incredibly talented up and coming singer/songwriter Leila, and Canada's # 1 female DJ SiVuPlay. Not just a school but a life experience, Trebas proved to be the most excellent resource out there for me and proven for others as I saw my peers excel, like my best friend Justin Cohen who now works for Sony Music BMG, or award-winning Filmmaker and successful music video director Jerome "Rome "Kruin, both young Trebas Grads. Even the successful manager and producer of Grammy award-winner Sean Paul, Jeremy Harding is a Trebas Grad. Thank you, Trebas. I will be coming back every year to talk to the students and offer them as many resources as possible.

- Nicholas Jarjour

Wanted to let you know, just because I don't think I ever actually did, how much I enjoyed your S&R class all the way back in first term. In addition to providing a whopping lot of content for my overwhelmed first-term mind, you made class enjoyable and fun. Keep going!!! It's the end of one chapter in my life and the start of another. I just wanted to say "thank you, thank you, thank you!" I really can't express how much I appreciate my experience over the past year so thank you so much. I leave proud to proclaim myself as an "audio engineer trained at Trebas institute.

- Justin Piercy
My name is Fatima Mohamed and I am the Club Tour Coordinator for “Funny Business” at Yuk Yuk’s Inc. My job responsibilities include booking our rostered comedians into 14 Yuk Yuk’s clubs across Canada as well as booking any one-niter events such as fundraisers or corporate parties. I graduated from Trebas Institute in the Fall of 2004 and received a job two months afterwards with a great recommendation from my teachers at Trebas. All of the knowledge I gained at Trebas I use today. The teachers are knowledgeable in their fields and have years of experience.

- Fatima Mohamed
Before Trebas, I was just a small time DJ - doing it on the side. However, during my one year training at Trebas, I gained so much knowledge about audio and music and all the other aspects in and around the industry. I can say I truly learned to separate quality music from loud music and hear and identify sounds in music that I had no clue of when I was just DJ’ing. The instructors are very experienced and still a part of the industry in one way or another, therefore, you get the latest info at all times to prepare you for what’s ahead. You feel at home when you are at Trebas. You will never find another school with so many down-to-earth instructors. I must say this is where my true career starts and I want to say thanks to all the Trebas staff and my class mates for a wonderful year.

- Paul Gray

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