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Our Video Productions


Mémoire photographique

Yvan discovers a box of slides that tells the story of his youth and the beautiful events that changed his life. This film shot in 4K was produced by Mathieu Beaudriault and the direction of photography was done by our cinematography teacher David Gascon. The movie la Mémoire photographique was voted best short film in our May 2014 Film Festival.  

Director : Mathieu Beaudriault
Production Manager : Etienne Allard
Production Designer : Aracely Espinoza
Editor : Iannick Mathieu
Music : Graham Guertin-Santerre



Code 619

A woman has escaped from the high security aid of Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine Hospital and two policemen are missing. Annabelle, a tired patroller, tries to accomplish her work as best she can.  

Director : Gabriel Allard
Production Manager : Guillaume Astaix
Production Designer : Nadjie Valentin
Editor : Grabriel Allard
Sound Designer and Music : Sylvano Mercado Vilches



Making of Code 619

Take a look at the set of Code 619 produced by our graduate Gabriel Allard and starring Catherine Bérubé. Our teachers David Gascon and John Koutroubis were on location as director of photography and 1st assistant producer respectively.  

Camera and editing by Renaud S. Poirier




Baby is a young prostitute in love with Hunter, a young thief. Together they want to start their lives over and go live in New York. On a cold winter night, will Baby’s dreams come true? This film shot in 4K definition by Shawn Edward won the prize for best movie during our May 2013 Film Festival. The photography is under the direction of David Gascon, our cinematography teacher.   
Director : Shawn Edward
Production Manager : Shawn Edward
Cinematographer : David Gascon
Production Designer : Shawn Edward
Editors : Elisabeth Ramos, Virgil Koffi, Shawn Edward
Sound Designer : Dan Smith
Music : Sonny Black



Le rencart

Stephanie has tried everything to find her soul mate to no avail. She then decides to try classified ads where she finds a man who seems perfect. All that is left to do is to plan a meeting with him to see whether he is as perfect as he sounds of whether he`s hiding something.  

Director : Cristobal Cortes
Production Manager : Gabriel Allard
Cinematographer : Pascal Annand
Production Designer : Thibaud Lamy
Editor : Philip Le Breton
Sound Designer : Philip Le Breton
Music : Cristobal Cortes

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