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Film and Television Production

Discover every step of the film and television production process, from writing and directing to editing and post-production, using industry-standard production equipment in modern studios and facilities. At Trebas, you get valuable hands-on experience from the start with our unique modular system, collaborating on projects with senior students that mirror real-world conditions. Our instructors are active in the industry, providing you with the versatile skill set and career resources that can launch your dream job.

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Music Business Administration

The music industry is rapidly evolving, presenting exciting new opportunities for professionals with the right training. Learn all the tricks of trade behind the scenes of the action-packed music and entertainment world, including artist management, concert promotion, studio administration, music marketing and much more. Our experienced instructors are a wealth of insider knowledge and our unique internship opportunity will provide you with valuable real-world experience to launch your career.

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Sound Design

Sound design is at the heart of music recording, live performance, film and television production, theatre sound, post-production, and video game development. Students at Trebas learn from instructors who are active in the industry, with state-of-the-art recording and editing equipment. Gain in-depth and hands-on training in the art and technology involved in professional sound design and DJ production to launch your dream career.

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Studio Recording & Live Sound

Whether your dream is to work behind the boards of a state-of-the-art music studio, create memorable concert experiences by working in live sound, or any number of exciting careers in audio engineering, it all begins with the right education. Learn the best techniques for recording, mixing and editing from instructors with extensive real-world experience on industry-standard audio workstations and equipment. From music theory to valuable on-the-job internship experience, Trebas will give you everything you need to succeed in the world of sound.

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