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Studio Recording & Live Sound

Record a song! You will work on many recordings in a multitrack studio including a personal recording for a live band.
Learn industry standard software! Explore the possibilities offered by the most state-of-the-art software in audio production: creating, recording, sampling, mixing and much more.

Take control of the console! You will participate in every step of the audio customization of a venue for a live performance by a band!

Since 1979, Trebas Institute's Studio Recording & Live Sound program has been the reference in the industry. Emphasizing a practical hands-on approach, this program will give you the skills to make high-quality recordings, customize audio for specific venues or live events according to acoustic principles and to edit and mix sounds for film, television and the Internet. 

Trebas Institute is the only Quebec school to have a multitrack studio soundproofed according to American standards. Students have access to digital, audio post-production and MIDI studios during the program and will mostly work with professional software such as ProTools HD® and Cubase® 


Classes include:

  • Overview of the music business
  • Music theory (rhythm, melody, harmony)
  • MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) Protocol
  • Live sound for a venue and for live events
  • Studio recording, mixing and editing with live musicians
  • Audio/video synchronization
  • Characteristics and recording methods of various musical instruments 
  • Sound recording, mixing, and editing from pre- to post-production 
  • Internship in the industry


Meet Our Pros (graduates) !

Andrew, sound designer

When Andrew enrolled at Trebas Institute he dreamed of becoming an audio technician and of being successful in his field. He thought Trebas Institute with its great facilities and teachers was his best shot at success. After graduating with distinction in the Sound Design and Recording Program, he now manages a team of audio technicians at Ubisoft Montréal.



What The Faculty Are Saying

Start Dates:




45 weeks over 3 sessions (see admission criteria)

Language of instruction:



Attestation of collegial studies (Program recognised by the Ministère de l'Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur)


Financial aid available


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