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Vishnu Muralee

A recent graduate from the Film & Television program, Vishnu Muralee, produced A Gun and a Ring which is nominated at the prestigious Shanghai Film Festival. read more

Film & Television Production, Audio Recording and Entertainment Management School


For more than 30 years, Trebas Institute has been the premiere Montreal film school, has been supplying the music and entertainment world with skilled and versatile studio recording professionals, event planners, and entertainment and venue managers.

Registered with the province of Quebec’s Ministry of Education, the Institute is the place to turn your passions into marketable skills, experience and knowledge. From Studio Recording and Live Sound to Film and Television Production and Post Production, Trebas Institute in Montreal can help you find your niche in the entertainment industry.



Studio Recording & Live Sound

Record a song! You will work on many recordings in a multitrack studio including a personal recording for a live band.

Learn industry standard software! Explore the possibilities offered by the most state-of-the-art software in audio production: creating, recording, sampling, mixing and much more.

Take control of the console! You will participate in every step of the audio customization of a venue for a live performance by a band!

Since 1979, Trebas Institute's Studio Recording & Live Sound program is the reference in the industry. Emphasizing a practical hands-on approach, this program will give you the skills to make high-quality recordings, customize audio for specific venues or live events according to acoustic principles and to edit and mix sounds for film, television and the Internet.

Trebas Institute is the only Quebec school to have a multitrack studio soundproofed according the American standards. Students have access to digital, audio post-production and MIDI studios during the program and will mostly work with professional software such as ProTools HD® and Cubase®

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Learn the most sophisticated production software! Explore the possibilities offered from state-of-the-art audio production software: creation, recording, sampling, mixing and more. Protools®, Cubase®, Reason®, HALion® and Tassman®!

Recreate the original soundtrack of a film or an animation! Audio allows us to transmit messages, create an ambiance, define an atmosphere and provoke emotions through music. Discover Foley as well and how everyday objects can contribute to the creation of a rich and effective soundtrack.

Create original sound for video games, radio and the web!

Many entertainment sectors are now in need of sound design for websites, television, radio, cinema, video games, mobile apps and pop music including DJs.

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All aspects of DJ production are covered in the Sound Design program : creating and transforming sounds, mixing, sampling...Ask one of our admissions counsellors.
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Maximize your business potential! The Music Business Administration program at Trebas Institute is the only one available in Québec that focuses on music production management.

Learn from the best! Our instructors are established professionals in the music industry who provide all the knowledge you'll need to succeed in rewarding entertainment careers.

Aim high! Music industry leaders are always on the lookout for talented professionals with the types of marketable skills acquired in this program. Our graduates make a difference in all levels of the music industry, leveraging their knowledge of artist management, web marketing, music publishing, promotion, copyright administration, and much more!

Recent changes in the music industry have created exciting opportunities in entertainment organizations, including record companies, music publishers, recording studios, concert promoters, broadcasters and online services. As music expands into new sectors, there are TV producers negotiating licensing contracts, the film industry in need of musical scores, marketing firms requiring jingles, and the expanding video game industry hungry for audio content. These subjects and more will be clarified by our instructors, who are experienced professionals in the entertainment industry.

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There is no other program in Quebec that offers so many practical production projects to work on!

Master every aspect of your production! From screenwriting to post-production - and all the audio and visual techniques in between - you will have access to all the tools of production and techniques necessary to obtain professional results. Our instructors are industry professionals that will walk you through all the subtleties of video production.

Explore different equipment! From the standard-definition video camera to the HD DSLR camera, you will get the chance to develop your skills with many camera models during this program - there is even a planned exercise with the classic 16mm film camera! You will also discover microphone and lighting techniques, "green screen" applications, and the television broadcasting console. Our new post-production studio includes several workstations with more powerful video editing (AVID®) and audio software (ProTools HD®).

Work on projects! Students will work on several projects related to different types of productions: documentary, short film, advertising, webcasting, corporate and several TV projects. At least one shooting will be done outdoors. Some students choose to participate in our film festival -will you be the next winner?

You'll create your own short films, and also:

  • Commercials
  • TV series
  • Music videos
  • Documentaries


A Film Festival concludes the program!

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