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Adele McAlear

Business and Technology Instructor


At age 15, Adele McAlear became a concert promoter, selling 200 tickets to break even on her first event. That was the seed for her diverse career in music and marketing.

In PR, she represented landmark Canadian music venues and events including the Juno Awards, before moving to London to work as a label liaison for a music video company. Back in Canada, Adele’s marketing career shifted to technology where she built online communities in 1999 and, in 2007 before Facebook was open to the public, she became a consultant in social media and digital marketing.

Adele’s work includes being the digital and social content manager on Justin Trudeau’s successful party leadership campaign, creating email marketing for Monty Python comedian John Cleese and overseeing the analytics and measurement team at a global PR agency. Her work in social media led Adele to research and become a subject matter expert on digital legacy asking the technologists and creators the question, ‘what happens to all of your online stuff when you die?’. She spoke widely at conferences including SXSW and TEDx Montreal and has appeared in The New York Times, BBC Radio, CBC Radio among others.

Now focusing on music, Adele helps artists and entertainment companies with strategic marketing and manages Irish artist, ZASKA.

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