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Daniel Mansour

Audio and Sound Instructor


Daniel Mansour, owner of KAYVE AUDIO is a professional Artist, Sound Designer, Film Composer and Mixing/Mastering Engineer. With releases on acclaimed labels like deadmau5’s mau5trap and Culprate’s Open Outlets, he has been in the industry for over eight years creating a name for himself and being noticed by some of the top players in electronic music production.

Specializing in complex MIDI productions and detailed sound design, Mansour has also featured work for audio giants like Sound Ideas, recording and designing sounds for their massive sound packs, as well as designing his own sound packs for Splice and LP24.

Daniel’s expertise lies in computer-based productions, MIDI environments, synthesizers and audio manipulation. His skills extend into mixing and mastering, technically enhancing and sonically improving the works of others, as well as his own. Loving every aspect of audio and sound, he has a hand in most avenues within the industry.

Most recently, Daniel has been running a studio out of a youth shelter in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), helping at-risk youth with recording, production and mixing/mastering by offering production lessons and sessions for those who need it most.


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