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Demian Fuica

Film & Television Instructor


Born in Punta Arenas in Chile, Demian Fuica arrived in Canada in 1979. Upon graduating in film studies from the University of Montreal, Demian won numerous awards for his short films. From 1996 to 1999, he left Canada and established himself in Chile where he strengthened his post-production experience and polished his directorial skills. In 1999, he returned to Montreal to write and direct his first independent feature, The Last Incarnation (2005) that premiered in Montreal's Fantasia Film Festival.

His second independent feature film, La Run (2011), was selected in the official competition at the 35th Montreal World Film Festival and the 4th Angoulême Film Festival. La Run has a worldwide release on iTunes in Canada, USA, Australia, Ireland, Great-Britain, France, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg. It was also nominated for Best Editing and Best Screenplay at the 2012 Quebec Jutra Awards.

Demian has been an instructor at Trebas for three years. When he’s not teaching, he Produces and Directs documentaries and short films across multiple genres.

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