Guy Laforce

Show and Event Management

Guy Laforce is a distinguished professional with 35 years of expertise in artist management, concert and exhibition production, and event marketing. He studied communications, public relations, and psychology at the University of Montreal.

Guy is an integral faculty member at Trebas Institute Quebec Inc., as his breadth of knowledge and practical insights in show and event management provide students with essential career skills. His commitment to education ensures that students receive comprehensive training in organizing and executing successful events.

Additionally, he serves as the President of Zinc Productions company where he oversees the management of artists and media personalities and spearheads cultural projects.

Guy has been honored with numerous awards, including the Prix Hommage Cercle des Grands in 2022 and the Laureate of the Cercle des Grands Award on the 50th anniversary of Collège Notre-Dame. These accolades underscore his significant contributions to the arts and culture sector.


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