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Ioannis Koutroubis

Acting Technical Director of the Film and Television Program


Acting Technical Director of the Film and Television Program is Trebas Institute alumni Ioannis Koutroubis. Having graduated the top of his class with honours, he has since gone on to achieve such accolades as winner of the Kodak Film Award, Head Juror of the Ontario International Film Festival and Juror of the 2020 Vue D’ Afrique International Film Festival. Working as an instructor for the Institute over the past nine years, Koutroubis brings not only an intense passion for filmmaking, but also an acute technical skill fine-tuned towards the craft. With boundless energy for the arts, his knowledge extents from instructing into his personal career where he has had the opportunity to co-found his own international production company, Cinemagi Productions, as well as Alioan Creations, a creative writing company.

With his hand in every aspect of the profession from producing and directing, to writer, cinematographer and editor. Koutroubis works tirelessly to bring forth his ever-growing experience and expertise to the students he so cherishingly educates.

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