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James Fensom

Audio and Sound Instructor


James produces electronic dance music and hip hop. He has a passion for synthesizers and live electronic music performance and is a Trebas graduate. Prior to attending the audio program, he studied for his master’s in the Department of Science and Technology Studies at York University where his research was about the impact of audio sampling technologies on music, the music industry and popular culture.

After graduating from the audio program at Trebas, James worked for five years at a world-renowned stock sound effects and production music company. He travelled the world, recorded sounds and helped build sound effect libraries for broadcast networks and feature film production studios.

To this day, James continues to record and design sounds and works as a sound designer for independent films and media productions.

Alongside these ventures, James also works as a Live Sound Technician at a prominent night club. He’s worked on a variety of events with Ibiza and Berlin DJs as well as Grammy-winning artists. James volunteers for the Arthritis Society and his favourite hobby is cooking.

James teaches Music Production, MIDI and Digital Audio at Trebas Institute.

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