Kalman Szegvary

Academic and Student Success Manager, Department Head of Film & Television Production & Post Production

Kalman Szegvary is a Toronto-based Filmmaker and Department Head of the Film and TV Production program at the Trebas Institute, Toronto, Canada. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honors) degree in Film/TV Production from York University, as well as a Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting and Film Studies from Hollins University, Roanoke, Virginia. In order to gain a new strength in education and leadership, he is in a PhD program at Niagara University, New York, where he is researching the effectiveness of film mentorship during film school practicum.

As a Director, Kalman is best known for the cult hit, Cannibal Rollerbabes, a low-budget horror movie that had a worldwide release and is currently available on iTunes. The film generated buzz and attention around the notorious radio host, Howard Stern.

Kalman has been involved in directing/producing feature films as well as TV shows in both Europe and North America. However, after being invited to lecture about his experiences in the film industry, he began to venture into the academic world. He has since become a recognized professor of film and screenwriting around the world as he has lectured at the Cannes Film Festival as well as Budapest, on screenwriting structure to university students and professionals.

He has pitched at most of the studios in Hollywood including Amblin Entertainment and has guest lectured at Profusion, The Movie Expo, the Milton Film Festival and Vistek during TIFF (Toronto Film Festival). He has also volunteered for many years at the Peel Student Film festival.

Kalman runs his own production company, Wildfire Motion Picture Company, has recently directed the horror film Ed’s Diner, and is developing the animated TV series, Zombie Dad. He enjoys mentoring his students as they develop their own unique filmmaking style and career path in the film and television industry.


Kalman is the Departement Head and Professor of Film and Screenwriting, Production and Directing as well as Film and TV Distribution and Marketing at Trebas.


He is also the Head of the Entertainment Management Program.

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