Kenny Nguyen


Kenny Nguyen is a multi-instrumentalist and session musician with roots in alternative, indie rock, and electronic dance music. He has a passion for audio production, MIDI, and music technology, as well as writing and performing live music. In his various associated bands, he has played at music festivals and venues such as Downsview Park, The Opera House, and more.
After graduating from the audio program at Trebas Institute (with honorary distinction), Ken worked at a world-renowned stock sound effects and music production company, where he oversaw the editing, watermarking, tagging, and uploading of audio content to an online sales and distribution system.   Over the years, Ken has worked on musical theatre productions, as well as numerous festivals in Toronto such as Canadian Music Week, Indie Week, Open Tuning Festival and WayHome Music & Arts Festival.
Taking great pride in his role as a mentor, Ken has been passing on his wide variety of audio industry experiences in his Music Production, MIDI, and Digital Audio courses at Trebas Institute. In addition to his class lectures, his contributions extend beyond the classroom, often volunteering his time in student endeavors in both audio and film programs at the campus.

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