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Luc Gilbert

Audio and Sound Instructor


Originally from Quebec City, Luc Gilbert began his studies at the Conservatoire de Musique de Québec, then moved to Montreal to pursue his studies in writing and composition at the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal with Gilles Tremblay, Madeleine Martin and Clermont Pépin.

During his studies (1978) Luc began working at Radio-Canada as a musician, keyboardist and arranger. He continues to take up space on the music scene and is in great demand to compose call signs for television for stations such as CBC, Radio-Canada, TVA, NBC, CTV and Quatre-Saisons. At the same time, he conducts many recording sessions and signs the realization of various records (Roch Voisine, Cirque du Soleil records, etc.) which has led him to win several Felix Awards as Director and Arranger of the year. At the same time, Felix travels abroad to conduct orchestras, such as the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, among others, for Cirque du Soleil sessions. He also records in Rome, New York, Paris, Tokyo and Las Vegas. He composes more and more for television; for seven years he wrote the music for Sesame Street as well as for several television novels, including La Petite Vie and several others. In 2001, he composed the original music for the Sydney Olympics. Since then, he has continued to compose for the National Arts Centre Orchestra in Ottawa, the Cairo Symphony Orchestra in Egypt, the Montreal Symphony Orchester and others. He has orchestrated songs by Daniel Bélanger, Claude Dubois, Éric Lapointe and many others for the OSM.

Luc teaches privately for several institutions in parallel with his work as a musician.

Recently, Luc has been increasingly integrating electroacoustic music into his writing, music that he studied with Micheline Coulombe St-Marcoux at the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal.

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