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Michel René Plourde

Audio and Sound Instructor


Michel's musical career began with piano lessons at age nine and singing in the local church choir. He studied harmony and counterpoint with Tomas Dusatko at St. Michael's Choir School, where he began composing and writing songs and teaching himself to play guitar and bass.  After studying art at Sheridan College (Oakville), he studied music at Humber College (Toronto), receiving the Humber College Composition Scholarship and graduating as a composer/bass player.

Since graduating from Humber in 1988, Michel has orchestrated, arranged, composed, produced, performed and conducted for film, stage, radio and television. Since the late 90s, he has also worked as a live soundman and engineer and has received the nickname ‘Spock’ for his theoretical knowledge and ‘good ears’.  His awards include the St. Clair Low Award for chamber music (1990) and his piece from the Realm of Orpheus was premiered by the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra in 1994. He later worked for years as Warner Chappel Music's arranger and lay-out artist.

Michel has performed in and arranged for a diverse array of ensembles including: Voodoo Child (blues/rock), Moment's Notice (jazz trio), Ernie Grimes Band (R&B), the Steven Dirk's Ensemble (modern classical), Patrizia (metal/classical hybrid), Santa With Muscles (punk/metal), the Philomene Hoffman Band (folk) and several years as Kenny MacLean's conductor/arranger/bass player/background singer (pop/rock). His main instruments are bass, piano and flute but he also doubles on clarinet, melodica, harmonica, violin, viola, cello, guitar and percussion. Examples of his compositions and performances can be found on his YouTube channel.

He is currently the head sound person for the Music Committee at Hart House (U of T) and teaches Music Theory, Advanced Theory, Music History and Orchestration at the Trebas Institute (Toronto) and is researching new notational systems in microtonality.

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