Domestic Students - Toronto

When your admission letter from Trebas Institute Ontario Inc. is issued, you will receive a Welcome Email to access the Trebas Student Portal with all the information you need to activate your account. By activating your Trebas Student Portal, you will have access to your account and all its functionalities.

If you are unsure about accessing your Student Portal and navigating it, please click here for the detailed process.

Once you activate your Student Portal, check the Documents section to identify and upload any outstanding documentation for your enrollment.

Ensure you upload the documents to the appropriate upload slot in the Documents tab of the Student Portal. Adding documents to incorrect upload slots will cause delays in the review and enrollment process.

If you are unsure how to access your Student Portal and upload documents, please click the above video for the detailed process.

Ensure that you have been issued a Trebas Letter of Acceptance (LOA) for your program of interest with no conditions applied. This letter is available to you by accessing the Trebas Student Portal. If you have been granted another letter category, this means you are not yet eligible for enrollment. Please check the conditions applied in the document details.

Be sure to thoroughly review and adhere to the payment plan outlined in your Enrollment Contract with Trebas Institute Ontario Inc.

It's important to make timely payments according to the schedule specified to avoid any disruptions or delays in your enrollment process. 

Make sure to review, complete, and sign your Enrollment Consent Package Form (ECP). This form is essential and a required part of your enrollment process at Trebas Institute Ontario Inc. By signing the ECP, you affirm your decision to proceed with your planned intake. Please do this promptly to avoid any delays in your enrollment.

If you have not received the Enrollment Consent Package Form, please contact us at for further assistance.

Once you have met all the enrollment requirements and your enrollment process is finalized, you will receive an Enrollment Confirmation Email with instructions on how to create a Canvas account to access your classes. Additionally, your status on the Trebas Student Portal will be updated to ENROLLED.

If you have met all the enrollment requirements and have not received this email, please don't hesitate to contact the Enrollment Services Team at for further assistance.

Group of students sitting in classroomGroup of students sitting in classroom

Make sure to attend the student orientation session, as this is where you will gather essential information necessary for a successful start at the institution. You will learn about the campus policies, code of conduct, attendance requirements, and other important guidelines.

The orientation will also provide you with your class schedule and introduce you to key faculty and staff members. This is an excellent opportunity to ask questions, meet your peers, and start acclimating to your new educational environment.

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