Top things to do in fall in Toronto

The fall season in Toronto is a time to enjoy the outdoors before winter sets in, eat scrumptious food and soak up the vibrant energy of the city. The beautiful autumnal colours with shades of yellow, orange and red give Toronto a picture postcard appeal.

Fall creates the perfect atmosphere to experience and explore Toronto. There are many exciting activities that you can participate in and even a simple hike through the Humber River recreational trail at the west end of the city or even a walk around Lambton Park, James Garden and other beautiful parks will leave you in awe of how magical Toronto is during this season.

As the days get shorter, the temperature becomes pleasant and the city is covered with bright orange leaves from the Maple trees. Check out these fun activities to try out in fall in Toronto.


The Pumpkinfest

You cannot picture Toronto in the fall without the annual pumpkinfest that is enjoyed by people of all ages. Celebrated during the Thanksgiving weekend, this festival offers everything from food trucks, games, entertainment, and photo ops to carnival rides and of course, loads of pumpkins. 

This festival usually lasts for three days during the weekend and is an annual event which is enjoyed by the locals and tourists. With games like pumpkin carving contests, pumpkin decorations and pumpkin bowling, the star of the show remains the tasty vegetable - the Pumpkin.



If you visit Toronto during the fall season then you have to check out Toronto Oktoberfest which resembles the Bavarian-style festival, which is popular in Germany. The tradition started back in October 1810, when the crown Prince Ludwig was married to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen.

The celebration made its way to Canada and is a big deal for locals who come out in big crowds to sing, dance and munch on delicious snacks and drink beer. You will also get to see the locals wearing the popular traditional Bavarian Tracht. Oktoberfest is a great time to hang out with your friends or even meet new people.



Fall is also the time for Halloween, which is among the most popular fall festivals in Toronto and is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. While trick and treating has been an age-old way of celebrating halloween, you will find several other interesting events to participate in during this fall holiday in Toronto.

You can take part in costume parties or night book club readings and even go on ghost tours. There are many exciting horror activities that are curated for adults during this time, which will thrill you and allow you to explore another side of Toronto’s nightlife.


Fall Colors

If you are looking to enjoy a warm fall afternoon in Toronto, then there are some splendid places you must check out. How about a walk down the beautiful pathway, known as the Glen Stewart Ravine, where you can feast your eyes on the captivating fall foliage.

If you enjoy hiking, then you’ll love the trails of Moore Park Ravine, an amazing trail that offers an adventurous hiking experience. For those looking to simply relax, you should check out High Park, a recreational park in west of downtown Toronto which remains an excellent place to enjoy a lazy afternoon. All these places are an excellent option to take in the breathtaking beauty of nature in the Toronto fall.


Nuit Blanche

If there is one day that you should mark on your calendar in the fall season in Toronto, it is Nuit Blanche. This all-night event celebrates contemporary art in its full glory and invites local and international artists to show their artwork and share their stories.

The festival is a great time to meet inspiring artists and checkout their art. Many of the artwork displayed in the earlier Nuit Blanche festivals had deep meaning, including work from honoured indigenous tribes, work celebrating multiculturalism and even reimagined waste products.


Numerous food festivals

Experiencing all the activities around Toronto during fall would be incomplete without enjoying all the scrumptious food. If all the sightseeing and exploring has got you hungry, then head over to any of the numerous food festivals that take place at this time, such as the Gourmet Food & Wine Expo, which takes place in November.


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