Trebas Institute Professor Kalman Szegvary hosts Screenwriting Seminar at Movie-Expo 2022

Toronto, 30 March 2022 – Trebas Institute Toronto is proud to announce that Kalman Szegvary, Department Head for Film & Television Production and Post-Production, participated in one of the featured online seminars at The Movie Expo 2022, held online on March 19-20.

The seminar, titled “RIGHT your SCRIPT”, saw the participation of writer, Yusuf Gad, and was moderated by writer and producer, Matt Hall. The online panel focused on giving useful tips for screenwriters on how to work on an existing script and sharing insights about characters, plot points and overall structure.

During the virtual event, the live audience had the opportunity to interact with the speakers and ask questions, receiving great advice and tools to assist with their writing goals. Kalman Szegvary, said: “Our seminar entitled RIGHT your SCRIPT was very well received by the many emerging screenwriters, filmmakers, and actors that attended from around the world with plenty of excellent questions.”.

Kalman Szegvary, who co-ordinated the collaboration, took questions from interested students and professionals around the globe, shedding light on some of the creative screenwriting tools that they have personally used to stay focused and continue to drive forward with their writing and projects.

The Movie Expo offers filmmakers the chance to interact and connect with each other in a virtual environment. Bringing bespoke content, expert keynotes, one-on-one meetings and networking opportunities, The Movie Expo strives to encourage filmmakers of all levels to continue pushing their limits and challenging their creative minds.

Throughout the two-day virtual event, participants had the opportunity to visit the Trebas Institute virtual booth, which featured information on the institution’s programs in film, audio, entertainment management and event management. Participants also had access to contact information, video testimonials, as well as information on a new scholarship available to those students looking to study at Trebas Institute.

Kalman Szegvary said: “The Movie Expo is one of the key industry events in Canada, and a great platform for Trebas to showcase its academic offer for aspiring professionals. The event gave us the opportunity to share our expertise and add our voice to the most current debates and conversations in the sector.”

Taz Garcia, Movie Expo organizer, said: "Any event, show, film or star can only shine and do well because of the people. We are grateful for Trebas being a part of our journey at Movie Expo and sharing their experience and knowledge with our audience.”

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