Trebas Students Receive Career Colleges Ontario Award

Trebas Institute is proud to announce that students Noor Baig and Isaac Pumphrey are recipients of the prestigious Career Colleges Ontario (CCO) award.

These awards are given to outstanding graduates who have demonstrated academic excellence, achieved outstanding accomplishments, and made valuable contributions to their communities, all in the face of adversity.  

On May 5th, Trebas Institute Toronto celebrated the achievements of these two students during a ceremony on campus in which Kalman Szegvary, head of academics at Trebas Institute, presented the awards to Baig and Isaac. 

“These awards are a testament to their journey, from student to professionals in the Film and Entertainment Industries, and the many opportunities we continue to offer to our Trebas students and graduates,” said Kalman.

“Noor’s and Isaac’s achievement speaks volumes about the quality and effectiveness of the education we provide. We are extremely excited to celebrate their achievement. Congratulations to our award winners!”

Baig received the Outstanding Graduate Award in the Applied Arts category for her unwavering passion for cinematography, exemplified by extra hours dedicated to projects, her experience working in film location management at Jet Film Support Company, and the positivity she brought to classrooms and workshops. 

“I find Trebas incredible. They always had my back in every situation,” said Baig. “When I started off, it was a regular school year that transitioned into the pandemic. These professors were never intimidated. They never gave up.”

Trebas Students Receive Career Colleges Ontario Award

The Outstanding Graduate Award in the business category was given to Pumphrey. While studying Entertainment Management, he demonstrated impressive attention to detail and the work ethic of a seasoned professional. Pumphrey currently works at Paquin Entertainment Agency in Toronto while building his own company, North Gold Entertainment.

“Trebas gave me lots of great hands-on experience,” said Pumphrey. “I would have never ended up with my job if I hadn’t come here. The teachers helped me connect, and now I’ve got a full-time position.”

Career Colleges Ontario is a non-profit organization that fights for equal treatment for career college graduates and promotes an understanding of how college students improve the province’s economy.

Thank you, Career Colleges Ontario, for recognizing the achievements of Noor Baig and Isaac Pumphrey!

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