NNC.0U: Live Sound - Montreal

Throughout Trebas Institute’s Live Sound program, you will become an expert in working with industry-standard audio software and equipment in order to create the perfect sound for live events.

Additionally, you’ll venture into the areas of contracts and organizing music festivals to help broaden your career prospects.

No matter your ambition in the live sound field, the program will equip you with the right balance of theoretical and practical skills, assisted by an internship in your third semester. By the time you complete the program, you’ll be a versatile professional capable of adapting your skills to a range of different venues. 

Our instructors are constantly working to update the program to keep you at the cutting edge of the industry. Additionally, our team are trained in state-of-the-art recording and editing equipment to help you thrive in any aspect of today’s sound industry.

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Key facts

Intakes: January, May and September

540 hours

12-months (45 weeks)

3 terms


Daytime classes

ACS (Attestation of College Studies)

Program delivered in French or English

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Program Overview

Term 1 is dedicated to building your understanding of a venue’s acoustics, how to adapt to it to maximize sound quality as well as how to set up a public address (PA) system and effectively manage the sound during conferences. You’ll also learn how to read and interpret a technical rider (an artist’s technical requirements in their contract) and adapt the stage setup and equipment to meet their needs. Keeping in mind the requirements of the artist, you’ll consider how to effectively select the audio equipment for the client and to cater to technical specifications of the venue.

  • Venue Acoustics- 45h
  • Stage Plot and Technical Rider- 45h
  • Live Sound: Shows and Conferences- 45h
  • Audio System Design- 45h

In this term, you will learn how to properly and safely set up audio/public address systems (e.g. connecting wires, managing electricity concerns, performing sound checks, troubleshooting, etc.). Importantly, you will also consider health and safety protocols in the live sound industry, how to effectively record live concerts as well as the foundations of planning concerts and music festivals.

  • Sound Equipment Set Up- 45h
  • Prevention in the Performing Arts- 45h
  • Live Show Recording- 45h
  • Shows and Festivals Planning- 45h

Term 3 will focus on the structure and inner workings of the live sound industry (e.g. key players, current trends, how to effectively advance their career within it, etc.) as well as how to effectively maintain and perform basic repairs on commonly-used audio equipment.

During this term, you must complete an internship. You’ll be provided with guidance on how to find one that matches your career aspirations, how to behave in a professional manner as well as how to maximize the benefits of this experience.

  • Music Industry and Professional Activities- 45h
  • Audio Equipment Maintenance- 45h
  • Live Sound Internship - 90h

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Skills and Competencies

Throughout this program, you will learn some of the following skills:

  • Live sound reinforcement (concerts, conferences, theatre productions, etc.)
  • Professionally record live concerts and other events
  • Know how to interpret and adapt to technical riders and stage plots
  • Plan and design public address/audio system in a variety of different environments
  • Maintain and perform basic repairs on commonly-used audio equipment
  • Analyze and evaluate the acoustics of a room/concert venue
  • Plan a concert or music festival
  • Plan and respect health and safety protocols on-stage and behind the console
  • Effectively navigate the live sound industry
  • Understand and implement career development activities


Career Outlook

Our graduates pursue successful careers in the following roles:


  • “Roadie” - The technicians or support personnel who travel with a band on tour
  • Live sound consultant
  • Live sound technician
  • Recording technician for live concerts and events
  • Representative/specialist for audio equipment rental company
  • Stage technician
  • Venue technician
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