Diploma in Digital Marketing Specialist Co-op – Toronto

Having a professional and well-managed online presence has become an absolute necessity for a business to thrive in today’s economy.

Digital marketing specialists are in great demand and this industry has a range of career options to choose from. The diploma program focuses on key functional areas such as social media marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), Google web analytics and more which are an integral part of digital marketing.

The diploma in digital marketing specialist co-op program combines technical knowledge with transferrable skills to offer competency that is required in a modern digital marketing professional. The co-op experience further prepares students to tackle challenges and makes them competent for top-notch job roles in the digital marketing industry.

Studying a digital marketing program in Toronto also allows you to access top-quality Canadian education and tap into the fast-growing digital business hub in the country.

This newly-created diploma in digital marketing specialist co-op program provides an in-depth understanding of topics such as online advertising and publicity, search engine optimization (SEO), analytics and data-driven decision-making, content development as well as social media strategy and management.

Students will learn how to analyze their clients’ digital marketing needs, provide auditing services to make necessary improvements and design and execute expertly-crafted marketing plans during the diploma in digital marketing specialist program.

The diploma in digital marketing program in Toronto will also expose students to a number of different types of clients (e.g., businesses, charitable organizations, government agencies, influencers, celebrities, etc.) in order to increase their versatility and chances of success in the job market.

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Intakes: January, April, July and October

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720 hours

12 months (52 weeks)

3 Terms


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Digital Marketing Co-op Opportunities

This program concludes with a 240-hour co-op work placement, providing you with hands-on experience in the fast-paced world of digital marketing. We will help you find a workplace that suits your own learning needs and career goals and show you how to make the most out of this opportunity. This opportunity could include one of the following positions:

  • Advertising and Promotions Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Social Media Coordinator

Program Overview

Introduction to Marketing and Branding - 60h

This module is designed to provide you with the skills to build a customer profile and analyze the digital market. The module will enable you to understand the principles of digital advertising, the key elements of branding and competitive analysis.

SEO with Google - 60h

This module will review concepts and processes on the Internet. You will learn how to manage reputation and perform market research.

Website Building and Design for Marketers - 60h

This module is designed to provide you with the skills to create an HTML page and manage content. The module will enable students to learn the principles of writing code, creating reflective and absolute links, integrating objects on a page, and uploading the site to a network.

Google Analytics - 60h

This module is designed to provide you with the skills to analyze reports using google analytics and define goals based on the information from the reports. The module will enable you to prepare for the certification exams of Google Analytics.

Managing Sponsored Social Media Campaigns - 60h

This module provides you with the skills to set up and manage social media campaigns, analyze the difference between campaign types and build a visual strategy. The module will prepare you for the Facebook Blueprint certification exam.

Pay Per Click Marketing with Google AdWords - 60h

This module is designed to provide you with the skills to work with AdWords, create ads and define a bidding strategy. The module will prepare you for the Google AdWords certification exam.


Campaign Management and Compliance - 60h

This module is designed to provide you with basic skills of the following tools: LinkedIn, graphics software (for quick editing), and social activity management and analysis software.

Copywriting - 60h

This module is designed to provide you with basic skills of copywriting. The module will enable you to write advertising content for different platforms.

Work Placement

At the conclusion of the program, you are required to complete 240 hours of work placement in a suitable business environment. Appropriate business sectors for placement would include IT services, insurance, finance, accounting, not-for-profit and administration. Activities performed will vary depending on the work placement site. Key responsibilities include observing all workplace and school safety and security procedures, dressing appropriately for the placement experience, interacting with the placement staff respectfully, learning about the work environment, and participating in daily tasks as required. You will also be supervised by a placement host.

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Skills and Competencies

The following is a list of some of the skills students will develop during the digital marketing course and social media program:

  • Develop digital advertising campaigns and understand how to build a brand
  • Learn to use tools such as WordPress, HTML and CSS, Google Ads and Google Analytics
  • Discover the power of copywriting and learn how to create content for marketing
  • Build, optimize and analyze PPC campaigns using Google Ads
  • Strengthen your resume with Canadian work experience


Career Outlook

Our graduates have gone onto pursue successful careers as:


  • Advertising Consultant
  • Communications Officer
  • Media Coordinator
  • Publicist
  • Event Marketing Specialist
  • Specialist: e-media Advertising



Billion was the total revenue generated by the Canadian digital marketing industry in 2021 (madeinca.ca).



Was the growth rate for online ad spending in Canada in 2022 (www.statista.com).



CAD is the median annual salary for a digital marketing content specialist in Canada (www.tc-ww.com).

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1. How much does a digital marketer make in Canada?

The median salary for digital marketing coordinators is $30.50 per hour but varies by province (source: jobbank.gc.ca).

2. Where are the most digital marketing jobs?

In Canada, the number of job opportunities varies by province and city. At the time of writing, Ontario has the most openings in this sector (source: jobbank.gc.ca). To access the latest data about this sector, including data on job opportunities and prospects, visit jobbank.gc.ca.

3. What is the most difficult part of digital marketing?

It can be challenging to convert traffic and views into sales, which is why our program focuses on using data to optimize targeting.

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