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Micro-Credential Story Development for Screenwriting – Toronto

Trebas Institute’s Micro-Credential will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to get started on your path to becoming a screenwriter.

This introductory screenwriting program is perfect for anyone getting started on their path to becoming a screenwriter. It will offer insight and instruction about the fundamental systems at play within a screenplay: plot, theme, character, dramatic conflict, scene dynamics, and dialogue. Once theory is covered, the scriptwriting program will focus on guided workshop sessions where students put those theories into action on their own material.

Students delve into the creative screenwriting process by looking into how words translate into images and how filmic elements create a visual narrative. The goal of this screenwriting program is to give new writers the practical tools to help deepen their overall knowledge while sparking their own creative energy.

This introductory program is designed to enable students to complete a logline, a story treatment, step- outline (beat-sheets) that may be used to further develop a feature film screenplay based on their own original idea. At the end of this screenplay writing program, students should feel more confident about their story development and screenwriting skills.

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Key facts

Intakes: January, April, July and October

10 weeks (40 hrs)

Daytime classes


Program Category: Film & Television

Campus: Toronto

Domestic Students

Program Overview

 Story Elements (3h)

  • Storytelling
  • Beginning, Middle and End
  • Structure of Screenplays
  • 3-Act Structure

Professional Screenplay Formatting (2.7h)

  • Formatting a Screenplay
  • Screenplay Software – General Discussion
  • Celtix, Final Draft
  • Setting up a Title Page

Story Pacing & Structure Elements (2.7h)

  • Screenwriting Paradigm
  • 1st Act
  • 1st Turning Point
  • 2nd Act – Increasing Obstacles
  • Mid-point - Turning Point
  • 3rd Act

Key Script Elements (2.7h)

  • Telling the Story
  • Defining the Main Character - The Protagonist
  • The Antagonist

Creating Characters (5.4h)

  • Building a Character
  • Character Arcs for central characters
  • Their quest/goal/problem/conflict
  • The Inciting Incident
  • The Hook
  • The all-important Character Arc

Script Loglines (2.7h)

  • Generating an idea
  • Movie Loglines – What are they?
  • Why are Loglines so important?
  • Study sample loglines from films

Script Outlines (5.4h)

  • The Step Outline
  • Antagonist as a 3-dimensional character
  • Protagonist as a 3-dimensional character
  • Developing the Plot
  • Sub-Plots
  • Beat-sheets

Structuring the Story (5.4h)

  • The External story
  • What you see on screen
  • The Internal story
  • The Hero’s Journey
  • Writer’s Desires vs. Character Desires

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Skills and Competencies

Throughout this program, you will develop some of the following skills and competencies:

  • Explain script development techniques
  • Define various screenwriting terminologies
  • Create original Screenplays
  • Outline Screenwriting terminology
  • And much more!


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