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In order to thrive, artists need a team of professionals that can manage everything from promotion to finance to contract negotiation.

Entertainment management is a thriving industry that is filled with exciting job roles and has become increasingly popular with students. Media and entertainment is a vast field with a multitude of sectors that require experts to handle the business aspect of things.

Studying music event and entertainment management programs is an excellent way to understand the huge spectrum of the entertainment industry and gain competencies needed for managerial roles.

The program offers essential learnings in management, video production, entrepreneurship, entertainment design, online marketing, record production and more. Students will gain valuable skills through theoretical studies and practical application, making them competent to handle business and financial management, marketing, talent and production management and other necessary responsibilities.

Entertainment management is an enterprising field that has a huge demand and is suited for students looking to make a successful and dynamic career ahead.


Throughout this program, you’ll learn about all of these aspects starting with Essentials of Management, Accounting and Entrepreneurship right through to a practical internship in your final term which will provide you with the experience needed to thrive in your future career.

Once you have completed the program, you’ll be prepared for a number of different roles in entertainment organizations, including record companies, music publishers, music licensing organizations, recording studios, concert promoters, broadcasters and online services.

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Micro-Credential Podcasting Production Introduction

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Intakes: January, April, July and October

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960 hours

12-months (48 weeks)

4 terms


Daytime classes

Diploma Program

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Program Overview

In this term, you will learn the essentials of artist management, including sales, distribution, promotion, merchandising, finance, video production, and how to plan tours and shows.


Essentials of Management - 22.5h

This module provides a detailed analysis of today's entertainment business practices. You will explore a variety of approaches to artist management, including contemporary trends and techniques employed in this field.

Artist Management - 35h

Learn essential artist management principles, what to look for in an artist, how to develop schedules and budgets, and how to promote and sell artists and their recordings to labels and the general public.

Accounting - 22.5h

This module provides you with a basic knowledge of accounting terminology and the processes involved in the preparation of financial statements. This course goes beyond general accounting principles and teaches you how to prepare and manage your client’s books.

Broadcasting Industry - 22.5h

This module introduces you to the mechanics, tools, and techniques of television and radio broadcasting as they relate to furthering your client’s career. This course also allows you to better understand broadcasting on video sites such as YouTube.

Sales & Distribution - 22.5h

With this course, you will be able to understand how products are distributed to retail and sold to the general public, enabling your clients to reach the marketplace more effectively.

Event Management - 22.5h

In this introduction to the field of event management, learn about administration, marketing, and promotion in order to plan and deliver a successful event for a client.

Careers - 22.5h

Learn the strategies needed to start your career and thrive as an entertainment manager. You’ll gain fresh insights into resumes, networking, interviewing, and salary negotiation, as well as explore the role of social media in your job search. By the end of the course, you will have the tools and confidence to launch your career.

Entrepreneurship - 22.5h

In this module, you will learn to formulate, plan, and implement a new venture. You will start with identifying opportunities and work up to creating and registering a company.   

Communications - 22.5h

Learn the impact of effective and ineffective communication in a business environment. You will become a confident and skilled communicator both verbally and non-verbally. Special attention is given to the writing skills needed by management executives, with a focus on the selection, organization, and presentation of information in reports, papers and other documents.

Video Production - 22.5h

This module allows you to gain a complete understanding of the opportunity, limitations, production, and distribution process for a client’s video.  In today’s Internet-based world, the best possible marketing tool for new or established entertainment industry clients is the production of video-related promotional materials.

Term 2 is focused on building your computer skills. Throughout this term, you’ll cover the increasingly important fundamentals of web design, graphic advertising and online marketing, as well as transferable skills that are promotional necessities in today's competitive marketplace.


Web Development – 85h

This module introduces you to basic web design and provides a step-by-step methodology for building and launching a fully interactive site through the use of Adobe Dreamweaver. You will be able to create everything from simple HTML pages to database-driven PHP pages.

Entertainment Design – 130h

Become proficient in the design tools and software needed for the entertainment industry, including the Above Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. You will learn how to create vector artwork for virtually any project and across multiple media: print, websites, interactive projects, and video. The module begins with fundamental concepts and progresses to an in-depth exploration of concepts in design.

Sales & Distribution for Film & TV – 22.5h

This module promotes an understanding of the business aspects of film and television production. You will explore how video content is distributed, allowing you to promote your event to a wider audience and increase attendance.

Online Marketing – 22.5h

This course puts you on the fast track to harnessing the power of the web for your client marketing goals. It begins with planning and building a digital campaign and then provides in-depth coverage of essential online marketing tools and techniques. You will learn to build credibility and increase the visibility of your clients.

Your third term will focus on the music industry and the changing climate of the music business. You will consider the role played by agents and managers and learn valuable information about publishing and copyright law, tour management and record production.


Music Industry Overview – 35h

This module introduces you to the entertainment industry as a whole, providing a quick overview of all the elements involved in this sector. You will also examine how the entertainment field and its audience have changed and evolved over time.

Music Publishing & Copyright Law – 22.5h

This module will help you acquire an understanding of the Canadian copyright business and its application to the music publishing and recording industries.

Music Industry Marketing I – 45h

This module will allow you to gain an understanding of traditional marketing theory, the elements of the marketing mix, and the variables affecting them. You will examine real marketing plans used in the entertainment industry and learn about the role of technology in entertainment marketing.

Music Industry Marketing II – 45h

This module takes a multifaceted and integrated approach to the promotion of a client’s career by developing an effective worldwide marketing strategy. You will examine what makes up a good publicity campaign, how to best publicize an artist, and how to create the tools necessary to promote an artist.

Music Industry Contracts – 22.5h

This module will allow you to acquire a basic understanding of the various contracts used in the entertainment industry. You will also become familiar with the negotiation points of various contracts and how these points affect the artist and record company.

Tour Management – 22.5h

Learn how to plan and implement a concert tour and deal with problems that may arise during the tour. You will gain practical insight into the complexities of touring through projects that demonstrate the responsibilities of a road manager.

Record Production – 22.5h

Learn the processes involved with getting a client’s record produced. Both hard copy and digital forms of production are explored, along with the roles of creative production and administrative teams.

History of Music – 22.5h

This module offers you a concise history of Western music culture, with particular emphasis on music forms that rose to popularity in the 20th century. You will also look at the development of technology and the evolution of the music business.

Intro to Sound Engineering – 22.5h

This module offers a detailed examination of the various aspects of recording engineering and music production. You will become familiar with a studio environment and the technical aspects of sound production in music, film, and television.

The final term is dedicated to a 180-hour internship in a relevant position. This will enable you to apply your acquired skills in a real-world environment in order to prepare you for employment within the entertainment industry.

Music Industry Internship - 180h

Once you have successfully completed the foundational training for the Entertainment Management program, the focus of your training then shifts to practical “real world” experience within an industry internshipInternships are guided, pre-professional experiences that combine academic and professional components as a managed transition to a professional career. The primary purpose of this nine-week off-site placement is to build transferable skills and a network of connections that will accelerate your entry into the artist management field.

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Skills and Competencies

You will gain a wide variety of competencies within this program in the following areas:

  • Business communications
  • Artist management
  • Entertainment marketing: contracts, promotion, publicity, digital distribution, etc.
  • Introduction to record companies
  • Introduction to intellectual properties
  • Principles of the entertainment industry


Career Outlook

Our graduates pursue successful careers in the following roles:


  • A&R representative
  • Artist manager
  • Booking agent
  • Event manager
  • Music supervisor
  • Promoter
  • Publicist
  • Social media marketing
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