Guy Desjardins

Sound Design

Guy DesJardins is a highly experienced educator and professional in the field of music and audio. At Trebas Institute Quebec Inc., he instructs courses such as MIDI Studio, Sampling and Synthesis, Advanced Sound Design, and Audio Post-Production in the Sound Design program. Previously, he taught courses such as Concert Production, Sound Editing, Music in Video, and Sound Mixing.

Guy holds a Diploma of Vocational Studies (DEC) and Diploma of College Studies (DEP) in music from Cégep St-Laurent. With over 48 years of professional experience in music and audio, he has excelled as a musical director and musician for numerous artists, including Marc Gabriel, Gilles Caplan, Jean-Pierre Ferland, and Syl Van Robinson. He has also served as a producer, recordist, arranger, and musician on several albums.

As a film music composer, Guy has contributed to projects with the National Film Board and independent filmmakers. He has demonstrated audio software for companies like Applied Acoustic Systems and Steinberg. Guy has received several awards for his sound design, including a Hollywood Gold Award.

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