How Event Planning Helps to Elevate Emerging Artists

The entertainment industry in Canada is vast, with many job opportunities for people looking to enter the field, and live events represent a considerable portion of the industry.  Events just don’t happen overnight, however.  There is a considerable amount of planning and preparing that goes into them, which incorporates what is called Event Planning.

Without Event Planners, you wouldn’t have the events that you enjoy.  Bearing that in mind, here are just a few of the ways that event planners help elevate emerging artists through their work, and how you can too!


What does Event Planning entail?

Event Planning involves:

  • Designing the event
  • Organizing the operations and experiences
  • Setting up the framework to deliver a great experience
  • Providing the necessary products, equipment, and services


Audience Selection

Without a venue to play in or an audience to play for, there would be no event for an artist to play at!

This is why venue and artist selection are one of the most important aspects of Entertainment Event Planning.  Before selecting a venue, you must determine the artist’s audience.  Factors such as their age, location, and income level should all be considered in order to ensure that the artist will be playing at the appropriate venue and that tickets will be sold.


Venue Selection

When it comes to securing the venue itself, there are also several factors to take into account.

You must consider local laws such as noise ordinances and curfews, and connect with local officials to ensure that you do not encounter any legal troubles regarding the event.

The venue’s capacity must also be considered. If you estimate a high number of ticket sales, then you have to be able to accommodate a large audience. The venue size and audience size will also impact the type of equipment that an artist will need. For a short performance in a bar, an amp and microphone might suffice, but for a concert hall, you will need more equipment.


Logistics Before the Event

In addition, there are also several logistical factors that you must account for as an Event Planner.  Items to take care of before an event include musicians’ equipment, catering, transportation, and security.  You must ensure that the event is safe and accessible for everyone, both the performer and everyone in the crowd.


Safety During the Event

You must also monitor all safety elements during the event itself, including lighting, staging, effects, and recording.  If something goes wrong, it is your responsibility as the event planner to find a solution.  Ensuring that disasters are avoided, everything is safe and goes according to plan is another key element in helping to create a successful event for the artist.



Fundraising is another major component of event planning that will help any up-and-coming artists.

While gaining the necessary funds for artists’ events can oftentimes be a challenge, there are a number of different ways that you can raise funds, including through arts grants provided by the federal and provincial governments.

This is usually done months prior to the event and can involve strategies like social media campaigns, sponsorships, and outreach.



Promoting the event itself is also key to ensuring its success.  Much of this is done with digital marketing.  Social media, emails, and online advertisements are seen as the most convenient and effective way to spread the word about events.

After the completion of the event, you can continue to promote it with clips like audio and video posts of the event, email updates, and giveaways in order to keep people interested in future events.



As the entertainment industry in Canada continues to grow and thrive, emerging artists must receive the support they need.  As an Event Planner, you can continue to foster this by helping them with key elements in their events such as audience and venue selection, logistical elements, and promotion.  By doing this you will help pave the path for the success of the great artists of tomorrow.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in Event Planning, then our Event & Venue Management Program at Trebas Institute Toronto is for you!

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