Growth of e-commerce in Canada - 2022

The lockdown imposed in 2020 impacted customer behavior significantly in Canada and around the world. Walking into stores for daily purchases was no longer a feasible option and the only alternative was online shopping. While hesitant at first, Canadian customers soon got accustomed to this new and easier way of shopping.


E-commerce business that was already on the rise got a huge boost during the pandemic. It didn’t take long for Canadian businesses to realize the importance of selling online and as a result, online shopping doubled during this time.

According to Statista, online sales in Canada increased by 625 percent in 2020 which was a big development for the e-commerce sector. The shift brought during 2020 has completely changed customers’ mindset towards online shopping, making it a permanent shopping practice. As a result, even in 2022, the e-commerce business in Canada continues to grow and evolve.


E-commerce in Canada

Online shopping has become a norm in Canada where customers have grown accustomed to the ease that it offers. While safety concerns prevented people from heading out during the pandemic, now it’s the comfort of shopping from home that has them hooked.

Businesses have also opted for online platforms as it allows them to connect with more customers and boost sales. In a report by Retail Insider, online sales in Canada will reach $79.8 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow to $104 billion by 2025. Growth of e-commerce in the country has encouraged many small business owners to use this platform.

Theresa Ransom, owner of Kala & Lime runs her own online website that sells gift items. She transitioned from a brick-and-mortar store in Calgary, Alberta to an online website which has helped her attract customers from all over Canada. She calls the e-commerce platform a game changer for her brand and is one among many business owners who are thriving in the online sector.


Future of e-commerce

E-commerce growth in Canada is in full swing and it’s not just corporate giants like Amazon and Walmart that are benefiting from it. Canada is counted among the developed economies in the world and cities like Montreal and Toronto have a thriving business hub. Emerging e-commerce start-ups are making big waves in the sector and paving the way for more new businesses.

Growth in online sales has resulted in new opportunities and has allowed many new start-ups to test the lucrative market. Some of the most common products that are popular in the Canadian e-commerce market are fashion items, electronics and miscellaneous products. However, in the recent past many everyday use items like groceries, sports gear and more are also being purchased online more often.

Some top e-commerce names in the Canadian market are Amazon, Walmart Canada, eBay Canada, Best Buy Canada, Costco e-commerce and more. Alongside, there are many new start-ups that are doing tremendously well for themselves such as Shopify, Clearco, Flashfood and more. Considering how quickly Canadian businesses adopt new technologies, it’s no surprise that there is a surge of new e-commerce organizations in the country.


A shift in customer mindset

E-commerce business in Canada has seen gradual growth but lately, things have grown exponentially. The industry is expected to grow in the coming years and the future of online business looks lucrative in Canada and around the world.

An important factor that contributes to this growth is the mindset of the customers. Millennials and Gen Z, who make a significant part of the target audience have eagerly embraced e-commerce and prefer doing their shopping online. Others who were more accustomed to traditional shopping have also made this shift during the lockdown.

This period helped them realize the benefits of online shopping and made them comfortable with digital money transfers. Due to tech-savvy changes that included inventive and safe payment methods such as PayPal app, customers quickly learned to trust technology for online transactions. The result was quick and easy shopping that could be done in the comfort of one’s living room.

Along with the growing influence of digital, e-commerce is becoming a part of our daily lives. Online shopping is becoming a preferred option for customers and businesses are looking for newer ways to improve their shopping experience. This includes free deliveries and using A.I. to create a live shopping experience.

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