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Success Story


Alumni Success at Trebas Institute

There’s nothing more exciting and rewarding than seeing the students you nurtured and trained graduating, going off on their own and embarking on a rich and successful career. At Trebas Institute, we’re humbled by the sheer volume of successes that our graduates have enjoyed, and are extremely proud that the techniques and skills they learned here have allowed them to find immeasurable success in the entertainment industry. To know that even one of your graduates has gone on to international fame is astounding, but when your alumni roster includes best selling artists, several Grammy award winning engineers, award nominated artists and managers for successful, platinum selling artists – well, let’s just say we’re blushing.

Trebas Institute’s audio courses have prepared graduates to pursue remarkably successful careers in audio engineering. With eight Grammy awards under his belt, no one exemplifies this better than alumnus Michael Piersante. Piersante is a celebrated recording engineer and mixer who rose to fame when an album he engineered – Raising Sand by Robert Plant and Allison Krauss – won five Grammy awards including Album of the Year and was certified platinum. Piersante works alongside legendary record producer T-Bone Burnett as his right-hand man and sound engineer, having worked with such heavy-hitting artists as Elvis Costello, Willie Nelson, Elton John and John Cougar Mellancamp. Looks like Piersante paid attention in his audio engineering courses.

Likewise with alumnus Noah “40” Sebib, who’s better known as the man behind Drake’s infamous low-end heavy, brooding hip-hop sound. Aside from producing and collaborating with Drake, Sebib recorded and mixed the Grammy nominated Rihanna album “Loud,” in 2012, as well as Grammy nominated albums by Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj.

Not to mention that Dave Mustaine – the original lead guitarist of metal idols Metallica and the frontman for the equally infamous Megadeth – was a student at Trebas Institute well before his career as metal’s poster boy launched him to stardom.

It’s not just Trebas’ audio engineering program that’s inspiring success, however. Alumnus Dave Stelling graduated from Trebas Institute in 2004. He was offered the position of National Promotion Coordinator for Warner Music Canada when he was in the middle of finishing his internship. He has managed press schedules for a diverse array of artists such as David Foster, Jay-Z, Metallica and Jack White’s band, the Dead Weather. Stelling currently works as at Warner Music Canada as a national publicist and represents artists such as the Black Keys, Bjork and Mastodon.

Trebas Institute prides itself on the quality of the education we offer in a diverse range of areas in the entertainment industry, and we are overjoyed when we see the great successes that our alumni have achieved. So even though accolades and Grammy awards are an incredible honour, there is no honour more amazing and humbling than being able to help our students follow their dreams.

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