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Language School Partners

As a result of a number of partnerships with different language schools, Trebas Institute is able to offer more than just high quality programs.

Students also have the opportunity to learn a second language alongside their studies, helping to learn a skill that will expedite their career growth.


The Language Gallery (TLG) Canada

TLG Canada is committed to providing excellent language programs by using an innovative learning approach and flexible classes that help students achieve their goals. With more than 37 public and private institutions proudly recognizing TLG Canada’s English programs, students have the opportunity to study online through TLG Live. Students also have the ability to choose different time slots for studying and can receive personalized attention from TLG Canada’s dedicated tutors.


ATPAL Languages

Based in Montreal, Canada, ATPAL Languages provide online or on-campus courses that help students achieve an excellent level of language proficiency in a short space of time. Whilst on the course, students spend 70% of their time completing speaking practice in classes of roughly 12 people, allowing them to master the language quickly. As a result, ATPAL Languages has achieved a 98% student satisfaction rating.


Learn English

Trebas Institute is partnered with Learn English, an English language provider dedicated to providing students with courses that help them to improve their career options. Through state-of-the-art facilities, outstanding study materials, experienced teachers and a supportive environment, students can learn the language skills they need either in Montreal or online, preparing them for a successful future.

The Language Gallery
ATPAL Languages
Learn English
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