Student Services - Toronto Campus

Trebas Institute Toronto offers a wide variety of services for its local and international students.

Whether you study at our Montreal or Toronto campus, you can access a variety of benefits through our various institutional partnerships.

In addition, Trebas Institute team ensures that your academic success and career goals are achieved by offering you the proper tools to succeed.

For more information for Toronto Campus, please see the sections below.

Trebas Institute offers a range of support services to help students learn new skills and achieve the career of their dreams.

The Student Services Department is an essential part of a student’s overall success. The Career Services Coordinator assists students in preparing for job interviews and building their professional skills. The Internship offers real world experience and helps students build connections in their fields.

The knowledge gained at Trebas Institute will benefit a student for the entirety of his or her professional life.


Trebas Institute's Career Services Coordinator provides expert advice to students in the areas of CV and cover letter development, interview techniques, job search approaches and comprehensive career exploration.


Some programs offered at Trebas Institute include one or more study internships. Our Career Services Coordinator supports students in their internship search and provides follow-up guidance so that their integration into the labor market is a rewarding experience.


Trebas Institute's Career Service Coordinator strives to maintain regular contact with graduates and students actively seeking placement assistance. Our advisors have strong relationships with employers looking to hire.


The Career Services Coordinator offers workshops on a variety of topics including career management, job searches, CVs, job interviews, networking, and the use of LinkedIn.


Students can stay up to date on new job search trends by viewing our various free webinars. On a regular basis, students will receive invitations to attend and participate in these webinars.

Need help or have questions?

The Career Services Coordinator is there to help. Do not hesitate to contact her at any time or to make an appointment by email with Dora Juhasz:


Looking for a job or information and assistance? Check out these websites:

Employment Services

Toronto Community Employment Support
Yes Employment Champion 
Unemployed Help 
JVS Toronto 
Job Start 
Ontario Employment 

Online Job Sites

Job Bank
Simply Hired
Work in Culture
Charity Village

Apartment Hunting Guide

There are several websites that you can utilize to help you settle into the Toronto area. They are:

View It
Toronto Craigslist
Rent Canada
Rentals Toronto
Rent Seeker
Places 4 Students
Toronto Home Stays
247 Apartments

Student Residences – Room & Board

Student residences are specifically tailored towards student life. Some locations in Toronto include:

  • Campus Co-operative Residence IncTop of FormBottom of Form
    395 Huron St, Toronto, ON M5S 2G5
    (416) 979-2161
  • Parkside Student ResidenceBottom of Form
    111 Carlton St, Toronto, ON M5B 2G3
    (416) 977-8000
  • Tartu College
    310 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S 1W4
    (416) 925-9405
  • St. Vladimir Institute
    620 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5S 2H4
    (416) 923-3318
  • CampusOne
    253 College St
    (647) 288-0827
  • Ryerson University - International Living & Learning Centre
    Only summer room rentals are open to students from other institutions or the general public
    240 Jarvis St
    (416) 979-5000
  • HOEM
    186 Jarvis St
    1 (844) 497-4636
  • Avant Toronto
    50 Gerrard St East
    (416) 307-2408
  • Harrington Housing
    561 Sherbourne St Unit 2703
    1 (800) 874- 5061
  • Five Star Homestay
    20 Eglinton Ave E Unit 303
    (647) 923-2300

Apartment Hunting Tips

Choosing the right place to live requires weighting different options. If you are planning to rent in Toronto, below are a few things that you should consider.

  1. Check hot water pressure – turn on all taps yourself.
  2. Check if toilet works – flush it yourself
  3. Check the shower pressure.
  4. Locks on all doors – ask landlord if they’ll be changing the lock after the previous tenant leaves or if it’s okay for you to change it yourself (Note: If you change the lock yourself, you will probably have to provide the landlord with a key, but you can usually take the lock with you when you move out.).
  5. Do windows open and close properly and do locks work?
  6. What kind of heating?
  7. Are utilities included?  Estimated cost?
  8. Is the street noisy?
  9. Are there vermin?
  10. Can you paint the walls?  If so, do you need to restore the apartment to the original colour when you leave?
  11. Is there a super in the building?
  12. Who is responsible for repair costs?  Plumbing costs?
  13. What is the neighbourhood like?
  14. Are you close to transit? – do a dry run to school before making a decision.
  15. Are pets allowed?  What restrictions are there?
  16. Where are the laundry facilities and how much do they cost?
  17. Where is the garbage/recycling area?  Who is responsible for taking the garbage to the curb?  On what days?
  18. Who is responsible for shoveling snow, raking leaves, etc.?
  19. Is there enough storage space?
  20. How long is the lease?  How do you break a lease?

If you feel your rights as a tenant are being ignored, or are completely unaware of the rights you have, call the Tenant Hotline, 416-921-9494. For more information click here


Toronto Neighbourhoods









Trebas Institute is located in the heart of downtown Toronto. The city is comprised of several neighbourhoods that are all unique. Apartment and housing postings might include the neighbourhood they are located in; therefore, it can be helpful to know them. They all have different things to offer and favor different lifestyles. As such, you might want to consider the area of Toronto in which you will be living before finalizing your decision to move into a new place.For more information on Toronto neighbourhoods visit:


There are many ways of getting around Toronto. They city offers subways, street cars, buses, GO trains, bike paths and walking paths. To find out more, visit the links below:


You can load a TTC Monthly Pass on your PRESTO card. It costs $156.00 for adults and $128.15 for seniors/youths.

You can also purchase a 12-Month Pass on PRESTO, which costs $143.00 for adults and $117.45 for seniors/youths.

In order to purchase a Post-Secondary Monthly Pass on PRESTO, costing $128.15, post-secondary students must bring a valid student photo ID at the time of purchase and carry it with them when travelling on the TTC. For more information on the monthly passes and fare types for PRESTO on the TTC, please click here


When using GO Transit you have the option of purchasing a single-ride ticket or a day pass directly at the ticket counter or vending machine at your station. Using your PRESTO card for Go Transit allows you to save money on your fare. Adults can save 15% or more while seniors can save 55% or more.

Post-secondary students can also obtain a reduced GO fare of 22% or more using their PRESTO card. In order to receive this discount, students must first have a GO-approved student ID, which they must carry with them at all times when using GO Transit. You can use the school ID issued from the school or you can apply for a GO Transit Student ID online. For more information about the fare types for GO Transit, please click here

When using GO Transit you have the option of purchasing a single-ride ticket or a day pass directly at the ticket counter or vending machine at your station. Using your PRESTO card for Go Transit allows you to save money on your fare. Adults can save 15% or more while seniors can save 55% or more.

Post-secondary students can also obtain a reduced GO fare of 22% or more using their PRESTO card. In order to receive this discount, students must first have a GO-approved student ID, which they must carry with them at all times when using GO Transit. You can use the school ID issued from the school or you can apply for a GO Transit Student ID online.

For more information about the fare types for GO Transit, please click here 


Financial Assistance

  • When looking for housing, you generally do not want the value of your rent to exceed 25% of your income.
  • If you do not know how to, try to learn how to cook. Limiting spending on take-out and pre-made meals can significantly cut your expenses.
  • Always carry your student card and ask if there are student discounts. You would be surprised at how many there are!
  • If possible, make sure to keep funds in your savings account for emergencies. Even 500$ can go a long way.
  • Make sure to properly destroy any documents that contain your personal information, in order to prevent fraud. This is especially important if you are in a group living situation (e.g., living on residence, living with roommates). Do not share your passwords, your Personal Identification Number (PIN), etc.
  • Do not lend money to others. If you feel the need to, make sure you have an agreement in writing.
  • Never rely on any form of credit as income.
  • Using credits cards and debits cards has actually been shown to increase spending rates. Make sure to use them sparingly, and try to use cash to make your purchases, if possible.
  • Only use your credit card for expenses that you know you can pay off. Keep your credit card limit low to avoid overspending. Always track your spending using your credit card statements to make sure you have not been a victim of fraud.

Trebas Institute offers a financial planner to all students.

How to use the financial planner:

Download Financial Planner Document

  1. The first column lists common sources of income and common expenses. You can adapt it to suit your needs. The more detailed it is, the easier it will be for you to keep track of your finances.
  2. Column B (priorities) is optional. It can be used to organize your expenses in order of priority. You can classify your needs (which are essential expenses) as “1” and your wants as “2”. This can help you identify where you can save.
  3. You will see two columns for each month of the year. The first column is used to identify your “planned” expenses. This represents your budget. The second one is used to document your actual expenses. Comparing the two can help you determine if you are following the budget you set for yourself. It can also be used to adapt your budget for the following months, if necessary,
  4. The spreadsheet will automatically calculate your total monthly income and your total monthly expenses, as well as your monthly balance (which is simply the difference between your income and your expenses). You do not want the value of your monthly balance to be negative, as this signifies that you are living beyond your means. You never want the value of your expenses to exceed your income.


There are a range of health services in Toronto for your physical and mental health. Some of these resources include:

Telehealth Ontario

Free, confidential service you can call 24/7 to get health information and advice from a Registered Nurse (RN). This service is to be used for non-urgent health problems. They will answer any questions you may have and give you advice on next steps, including redirecting you to another healthcare professional if needed.
Toll free: 1-866-797-0000

Information Related to Sexuality

Resource providing you with information about sexuality, including but not limited to, fertility, contraception and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
Visit website

Community Health Centres – GTA

These centres provide community access to health services. You will be able to find a list of the centres in your area on the following website, under health care options – health care facilities – community health centres, after choosing your appropriate region of residence in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). 
Visit Website

Urgent care

In case of emergency, please call 9-1-1. You can also go to one of the hospitals in the city.
Visit list of hospitals

Drug Addiction

Provides treatment service information if you have problems with drugs or alcohol.
Tool free phone: 1-866-531-2600

RAAM clinics

Provide help for individuals with various substance use issues without the need for a referral.
Click here to find a clinic near you. You will also be able to find other consumption and treatment services locations on this website.


24/7 confidential support services for post-secondary students between the ages of 17 and 25 years old.
Phone: 1-866-925-5454
Visit website

In recent weeks, the team of Trebas Institute has been rigorously preparing for the upcoming term to provide you with the best possible student experience. Mental health has been the center of our preoccupations.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the opening of a new student mental health and wellness program, WeConnect.

Trebas Institute will provide though WeConnect to all its active students and their dependents short-term therapy and counselling to improve mental health. These services will be available to eligible students free of charge.

Access to clinical care services is simple and care is immediate by connecting with the intake team.

Several access points are available for the support of student members:

• Clinical response center via phone: 1-888-377-0002
• Via website:
     o Access code: Please reach out to Toronto Campus Reception on 416-966-3066.
• Via livechat
• Via iConnectYou Mobile App

Please note that you need your student ID number when contacting counsellors.

Services are available twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days per week. Diverse counsellor profiles are available. 

We hope that with this new service, you will have the support and help you need to improve your mental health and well-being. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for any questions and comments.

Trebas Institute prides itself on supporting our students. The following resources are available to people across the city.



Contact Information

Family Service Toronto

Assists families in Toronto through counseling, community development, advocacy and public education programs.

Distress Centre of Greater Toronto

Crisis, emotional support and suicide prevention, intervention and postvention service agency. Available 24/7.

416-408-4357 or 408-HELP

Community Programs

You can find programs and community, social, health-related and government services offered in your community by dialing 2-1-1..

LGBT Youth Line

Provides anonymous support and referral by call, text or chat for two-spirit, lesbian, gay, bi, trans and queer youth under the age of 26.


Government of Canada Immigration Support

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada


1-888-242-2100 (Only in Canada)

City of Toronto Food Assistance

Food support service in Toronto.



Legal Aid Ontario

Access to legal services for low-income individuals.


Trebas Institute is committed to creating an inclusive space for our student population. There are many organizations throughout Toronto that celebrate our diverse community.




Contact Number

Afghan Association of Ontario

130 Bridgeland Ave Unit 202, Toronto, ON  M6A 1Z4


Bangladeshi-Canadian Community Services

2899 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON  M4C 1M3


Canadian Ukrainian Immigrant Aid Society

2383 Bloor St W 2nd Fl
Toronto, ON
M6S 1P6



Caribbean Canadian Catholic Centre

Our Lady of Good Counsel
867 College St
Toronto, ON
M6H 1A1



Centre for Spanish-Speaking Peoples

2141 Jane St, 2nd floor
M3M 1A2


Chinese Association of Mississauga

Golden Square Centre

1177 Central Pkwy W, Unit 16

Mississauga, ON

L5C 4P3


Cypriot Community of Toronto

6 Thorncliffe Park Dr
Toronto, ON
M4H 1H1



Eritrean Canadian Community Centre of Toronto

St Mathew's United Church
729 St Clair Ave W Unit 19
Toronto, ON
M6C 1B2



Greek Community of Toronto

30 Thorncliffe Park Dr
Toronto, ON
M4H 1H8



Irish Canadian Immigration Centre

44 Victoria St Suite 1620

Toronto, ON

M5C 1Y2


Kababayan Multicultural Centre

Entrance on Cowan Avenue
 1313 Queen St W Suite 133

Toronto, ON

M6K 1L8


Lao Association of Ontario

956 Wilson Ave

Toronto, ON

M3K 1E7


Muslim Association of Canada

168 Dundas St W, Toronto,



Prosserman Jewish Community Centre

Sherman Campus; 4588 Bathurst St

Toronto, ON

M2R 1W6


Punjabi Arts Association of


7050-A Bramalea Road, Unit #11

Mississauga, ON


Korean Information and Social Services

Korean Canadian Cultural Centre; 1133 Leslie St Suite 207

Toronto, ON

M3C 2J6


Somali Immigrant Aid Organization Toronto


1778 Weston Rd Suite 105
Toronto, ON
M9N 1V8


The 519 Church St. Community Centre, LGBTQ2S

519 Church St,
 Toronto, ON
 M4Y 2C9


Turkish Community Heritage Centre of Canada

10520 Yonge St Ste 35B/234

Richmond Hill, ON

L4C 3C7



We love to see our students succeed. In this spirit, we offer a variety of services that promote dialogue between staff and the student body.

Do you need help to complete your work? Are you stressed about exams? Know that our dedicated team is focused on your academic success.




Mark Ruddy

Campus Director

Kalman Szegvary

Academics and Student Success Manager 

Department Head: 

Film & Television Production and Post-Production

Entertainment Management

Jeff Wright

Department Head: 

Audio Engineer & Entertainment Programs

Noah Mullins

Associate Campus Director

Brandon Persaud Student Recruitment Manager

Bill Dimitroff

Senior Student Recruitment Advisor

S M Nazir Hossain Student Recruitment Advisor
Simran Bohara Student Recruitment Advisor

Mahabub Kaiser

IT Technical Support Analyst

Laura MacDonald

Receptionist/Office Administrator


Laboratories and studios

Students of Trebas Institute experiencing technical difficulties with a computer, software or device can contact the IT Coordinator, Mahabub Kaiser, by email at:

Booking filming equipment

Students who wish to book film equipment as part of a course should first contact the Department Head. The Department Head will be able to provide detailed instructions on the procedure for booking, recovering the equipment and returning it.

Access to WIFI

Students of Trebas Institute have free access to the WIFI network. The information related to the connection is available at reception

All international students at Trebas Institute are required to have health insurance for the duration of their studies.

Our partnership with St. Andrews Direct Insurance allows us to provide you with affordable rates and up to 40% off your insurance premiums. Offers include:

  • Preferred group rates
  • Flexible payment plans
  • No monthly fees

To find out more, call to get a quick no obligation quote at 1-888-777-0575.

St. Andrews Direct also offers auto insurance. Visit their website to find out more.

For an up-to-date list of foreign representatives at embassies or consulates in Canada please click here

Consulate or Embassy in Toronto



Phone Number


477 Richmond Street West, Suite 901, Toronto, ON M5V 3E7 Canada



110 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite 205, North York, Toronto, ON M2N 6Y8 Canada



240 St. George Street, Toronto, ON M5R 2P4 Canada



40 University Avenue,
Suite # 604, Toronto, ON M5J 1T1, Canada



151 Bloor St. West, Suite 470, Toronto, ON M5S 1S4 Canada



2 Bloor Street East, 25th Floor, Toronto, ON M4W 1A8 Canada



505 Consumers Road, Suite 206, Willowdale, Toronto, ON M2J 4V8 Canada



365 Bloor Street East, Toronto, ON M4W 3L4 Canada



303 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto, ON M4P 1L3 Canada



11 King Street West, Suite 350, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 4C7, Canada


South Korea

555 Avenue Road, Toronto, ON M4V 2J7 Canada


Trinidad and Tobago

185 Sheppard Avenue West, Toronto, ON M2N 1M9 Canada


United States

360 University Avenue, Toronto, ON M5G 1S4 Canada


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