Frequently Asked Questions

Your application for admission to Trebas Institute Quebec Inc. or Trebas Institute Ontario Inc. can be done by completing the application form online or at our campus.


For assistance, please contact one of our advisors directly.

TORONTO CAMPUS (416) 966-3066 

MONTREAL CAMPUS 514 845-4141 

The initial meeting and personal information session allow us to gain an understanding of you and your level of motivation.

Your next step is to complete an application for enrollment. This can be done in person or via correspondence. Your application should include:

  • A portfolio or several examples of your work in your chosen field thus far; or

  • If you have no prior experiences or access to examples, we ask for a 500-word essay/letter of intent detailing your accomplishments, future goals and objectives.

In addition to this, we ask for the following documents:

  • Evidence of high school diploma or equivalent

  • Proof of valid government issued photo ID

Please note:

You may still qualify if you are not a high school graduate, but you may be asked to do a WONDERLIC Basic Skills assessment in both English and math.

Our deadlines are flexible and we can accept new students up until the first day of classes. Once all admissions information has been submitted and reviewed, applicants can expect confirmation of acceptance within the week.

Toronto campus programs start in:
January, April July and October.

On our Montreal campus, programs start in:
January, May and September.

International students must ensure that they meet the eligibility criteria before submitting an application to Trebas Institute Quebec Inc. or Trebas Institute Ontario Inc. They should begin their application efforts as early as possible to receive their letter of acceptance in time and be able to obtain the documents required by the Canadian government.


Yes - it is strongly recommended you meet with one of our admissions advisors to learn more about our programs.

Unfortunately, no college can guarantee you a job, but we do help you find a hands-on internship at related enterprises, networking with industry professionals and a continuous placement service to provide you with the best opportunities for rewarding careers in the industry.

Apply online to request a meeting and personal information session.



Can’t find an answer to your question?

Contact us directly on

TORONTO CAMPUS +1 416-966-3066

MONTREAL CAMPUS +1 514-845-4141


Alternatively, you can request more information and we will answer you as soon as possible!



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