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Admissions Requirements - Toronto

To study at Trebas Institute, there are some important requirements to meet:

Toronto Trebas

Admissions criteria

To be admitted into a program of study offered by Trebas Institute Toronto, you must:

  • Possess an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (grade 12) or its equivalent
  • Or be at least 18 years of age, and pass a Superintendent approved qualifying test (Scholastic Level Exam)
  • A valid government-issued ID

For non-native English speakers:

  • Have the required IELTS 5.5 score or equivalent or 
  • Have the required equivalent English language benchmark verified by Trebas Institute or
  • Pass a free In-house English Assessment Test (Written onsite or online with exam proctor)



Application process

Our goal is to guide you to make a sound and valued decision on your program of study by listening to your interests and matching your skills accordingly. 

Our four-step admissions process is designed to ensure that we select and admit the right students with the potential to successfully complete the programs and become exceptional graduates with aptitude to excel in the creative industry.

The first step is to connect with one of our admissions counsellors by phone, email, text, or by a personal visit to the campus to make an appointment to address all your questions. We know you have many and we want to ensure that adequate time is reserved to answer all your questions and address all your concerns. 

Now it’s time for you to get serious and raise all those questions with the admissions counsellor. In addition, he/she will review your academic background and discuss your career goals and interests as well as options and eligibility as a student at Trebas. 

Payment for education is a huge challenge for many students but with the assistance of the financial administrator, you will be able to overcome this obstacle. During this appointment, the financial administrator will discuss the various finance options that are available to you and determine your eligibility with one of our many financial aid options. 

By now, your excitement is high, and you are happy and comfortable with your career selection. Now it is time to submit all the necessary documentation and complete the enrolment paperwork. 

The required documents include: 

  • An Ontario Secondary School Diploma (Grade 12) or its equivalent 
  • Proof of a valid social insurance number and a valid government issued photo ID 
  • A portfolio including several examples of your work in your chosen field or

If you do not have prior experience or access to samples, we ask for a 500-word essay/letter of intent detailing your accomplishments, future goals and objectives. 

Non-refundable application fee of $50.00 and Admission fee of $200.00 ($250.00)

You did it!

Your admissions counsellor will take you step-by-step through all the enrolment forms to ensure you are prepared for the journey ahead. We look forward to meeting you at orientation and later, in class.

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