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Montreal is situated in the province of Quebec and is becoming an increasingly hot destination for both domestic and global students due to its excellent academic reputation.


Reasons to study in Montreal
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Just like other major cities in Canada, Montreal is a melting pot of diversity where you’ll meet and make lifelong connections from around the world that’ll benefit both your professional and social life. One of the major aspects that attracts young people to Montreal is its buzzing entertainment scene.


Amazing restaurants, fantastic live music and the best parties means there’s always somewhere to be and something to see when you’re taking time off from your learning.


In fact, Montreal is known for its European vibes, so you’ll get the best of European and North American living here. Unlike other major global cities, Montreal is pretty small, making it easy to navigate around and the reliable transport system means you can visit other great Canadian destinations easily.

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Toronto is a beautiful, lively, multicultural hotspot in the province of Ontario and is world-famous for being a business and cultural hub, making it a hugely popular student destination as a result.


Reasons to study in Toronto
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For students and graduates, there are endless work opportunities here as well as great connections to make in a variety of sectors. Canada also allows students to work part-time alongside their studies, allowing you to make the most of your time here.


You’ll also get to mingle with people from around the world and can immerse yourself in some amazing experiences including film and music festivals, sports tournaments and more.


If you’re looking to travel further afield during your time off from studies, the efficient transport system here will allow you to do this with ease, so you can check out other great Canadian cities.

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