Mission, Vision, and Values

We focus on infusing diversity and cultural and global skills into our academic programs by integrating projects that involve skills development.

They share one thing in common – a passion for creative careers. At Trebas Institute Quebec Inc. and Trebas Institute Ontario Inc., we are dedicated to your success by focusing on developing your theoretical, practical and career development skills, allowing you to rapidly integrate into roles in this increasingly diverse and fast-paced industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality and accessible education and support services to maximize our students’ success and learning experience. We strive to achieve this mission through a commitment to excellence, innovation, interdisciplinary collaboration, as well as inclusiveness and diversity.



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Our Vision

Our vision is to continue in its rich heritage and success in the entertainment industry, while simultaneously innovating and expanding into new horizons. To transfer our high standards of education and practices into new program offerings, and be recognized as one of Canada’s premiere career colleges on a global level.


Student success is our priority, so student needs come first in all that we do. We also offer additional services to students experiencing learning difficulties.

Integration of Individuals: 

Our students come from all around the world. It is therefore essential that we provide many resources to facilitate their integration into the student community.



Students must have access to a safe environment - free from any form of discrimination. Mutual respect between staff members and students is key as this allows for better communication and resolution of potential conflicts.

Quality Education: 

Our programs are regularly updated to ensure quality education. In addition, our instructors are renowned professionals and are still active in the entertainment industry, which greatly enhances the relevance of practical exercises.

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