Career Services - Montreal

Trebas Institute Quebec Inc offers a range of support services to help students learn and achieve their career goals.

The Career Services Department plays an essential role in students’ overall success. The Career Services Coordinator assists students in preparing for job interviews and recommends effective job search techniques to improve their professional skills.

The Career Services Coordinator collaborates with students in group settings and one-on-one sessions to craft powerful and relevant resumes. Additionally, they assist students in making informed career decisions. The knowledge gained at Trebas Institute Quebec Inc provides lifelong benefits, and the Career Services Coordinator will help maximize employment outcomes and broaden career opportunities.

Career Counselling

Our Career Services Coordinator provides one-on-one guidance to current students, as well as support for graduate students on career development, CV and cover letter crafting, interview techniques, job search strategies, and comprehensive career exploration.


Trebas Institute Quebec Inc offers programs that may include one or more internships. Our Career Services Coordinator assists students throughout their internship search and ensures ongoing support to facilitate a rewarding transition into the workforce.


Our Career Services Coordinator maintains regular communication with graduates and students actively seeking employment assistance. They also cultivate strong relationships with employers seeking to hire skilled professionals.

Job search

Our Career Services Coordinator provides the resources to support individuals in an effective job search.


The Career Services team hosts workshops covering topics such as career management, job search strategies, CV writing, interview preparation, how to network, and leveraging LinkedIn for job searches.

Need help or have questions?

The Career Services team is available to help you reach your career goals. For more information or to book an appointment, contact

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