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Employer Support

Search for talent, laborer and employees

Employers and companies needing laborer and turnkey business products can easily use our Career Services to meet with students, graduates and skilled professionals and get visual, musical and management products and services for all budgets. The Counsellor’s support may be valuable to you in finding the rare pearl quickly. Please reach her at 514-845-4141, ext. 27.

Looking for interns 

The Career Services can assist you to find the student you need, be it audio or management in the music industry. Contact the counselor at 514-845-4141, ext. 27, she will gladly help you!

Programs offering interns:

  • Audio Recording and Live Sound - 45 hours
  • Management in the Music Industry - 45 hours


Development of specialized and continuous education training for your business needs

You wish to offer specialized training or continuing education in the field of audiovisual, sound, sound design and management? Our counsellor will be happy to meet with you to develop a training partnership for you and your staff.

Job Market - Employers - Partnerships

During the recent years here are some of the companies that have used our Trebassian students and graduates:



  • Agence Canadienne des droits et de reproduction Musicaux - CMRRA
  • Art Illimité
  • Art Souterrain
  • Artic Records
  • Bam Production
  • Bell Local
  • Broken Banjo Production
  • CIBL
  • CKVL
  • CMJ Post-Production
  • Collège Reine-Marie
  • CUTV
  • Digital Temple
  • Eagle Eye Production
  • Éditions Renaud
  • Eidos
  • Freeman Audio Visual
  • Genisson
  • ICI TV
  • Il est écrit
  • Institut Trebas
  • Jam Production
  • Kat Film
  • La Ronde
  • Le Bunker
  • Le Chœur La Bohème
  • Les aventuriers de la pêche
  • M pour Montréal
  • Moomba Supper Club
  • Motion Picture Company - MPC
  • MTStarmaker
  • Mutek
  • Nuevo Mundo TV
  • Numedia
  • Peter Di Milo Records
  • Polymedia Consultants
  • Posa/Source des Monts
  • Québec Audio
  • Radio Shalom
  • Rogers Communications
  • Sizzle Records
  • Snooker Canada
  • Solotech
  • SOS Cuisine
  • Stingray 360
  • Studio Héritage
  • Technicolor
  • Terra Nova
  • Time Line Audio
  • Toronto Indie Week Festival
  • TransQuébec
  • Tricon Films
  • Ubisoft
  • Université du Québec à Montréal - UQAM
  • Warner Brothers Television
  • West Island Music Academy
  • Zoé Boudreau productions



  • .357 Production
  • 7Recordz
  • Addison Electronique
  • Art Illimité
  • Artscène
  • Astral Média
  • Attraction Image
  • Audio production SPR
  • Bam Production
  • Bell Local
  • Belvada Cosmetics
  • BMW Jean-Talon
  • Cameron Management
  • Canadian Music Week
  • Centre communautaire l'Entre-Gens
  • CH24
  • CIBL
  • Cirque du soleil
  • CKUT
  • Club Med
  • Comission scolaire de Laval
  • Day Trader
  • Décibel
  • DEP Distribution Exclusive
  • DIYW
  • Drum Fest
  • EB Studio
  • Éclipse production
  • Équipe Spectra
  • Équipement Cinepool
  • Festival Juste pour rire
  • Fox Music
  • G Slaps Entertainment
  • Garderie ABC
  • Garett Pringle Productions
  • Genison
  • Hors-Scène
  • Hot Soupe
  • Husa Sounds
  • Idée Fixe Music
  • Institut Trebas
  • Justin Time Records
  • KNY Factory
  • La fête nationale du Québec
  • La Résolution
  • La Vie associative
  • Le Bunker
  • Les Bobards
  • Liquid Fire Entertaiment
  • Marcus Evans
  • Maxime Steiner Sound
  • MPC
  • Musique Tacite
  • Omnison
  • Ottawa Chamner Music Society
  • Pan Pacific College
  • Peter Proffit Film
  • Place des arts
  • Polymédia Consultants
  • Posa/Source des Monts
  • Production Nathalie Guez
  • Production Vivaces
  • Royalty Licensing
  • Sam Music
  • Sam Production
  • Slam Disque
  • Société Radio Canada
  • Sonoro Post House
  • Sony Music Entertainment
  • Straeon FilmWorks Inc.
  • Studio Basto
  • Studio Cyberlogie
  • Studio La Relève
  • Studio Sundari
  • Studio Victor
  • Techicolor
  • Technology and production Centre Switzerland
  • Telav
  • Théatre Telus
  • Aéroport de Tokyo
  • TVGL
  • XS la petite boite à musique
  • YBM
  • Zone 3


Employers’ Testimonials


« To be the only technician in a radio station is not always easy... Taking care of the website, do the programming, record and edit the programs and commercials, that's a lot! But since we started working with Trebas to get interns, things are much easier! The interns have the opportunity to see an aspect of their field other than those seen in class (radio) and practice their recordings and audio editing, which is not always easy to do at school. I am extremely satisfied with the experience and plan to repeat it with future promotions.»

Alexis Leblanc

Audio Technician – Radio Shalom

Graduate – Studio Recording & Live Sound + Sound Design - 2012


« Always available, smiling and helpful! Josée is a perfect example of a professional passionate about her work. The collaboration that Bell Local has with Trebas works perfectly thanks to Josée and her desire to motivate and to continue developing her students. Thank you Josée! »

Ortal Reuveni

Volunteer Coordinator - BELL LOCAL, Montreal 2013


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