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Support for students and graduates

Group Workshops

Seven workshops facilitating the labor market integration are offered to all Trebassians throughout the year at the Institute. Their duration is approximately 90 to 120 minutes and they are offered for free according to each semester’s schedule and also «on request» for easy access.

Workshop presentations


Workshop to familiarize Trebassians with the importance of informing, meeting and getting to know people and professionals who could have an impact on the success of their career development. Various tools and techniques of self-promotion and in person approaches are presented and that, for all personality types, including the shy ones!


Training focused on strategic resume writing. A tool that must clearly communicate the assets of candidates so that employers are interested in their application and invite them to an interview. Various strategies of content writing and presentation are discussed.


Workshop outlining the parallel paths that employers and average seekers are using to find each other. Presentation of techniques allowing for these axes to intersect in order to conclude a hire!


Theoretical training to explain the digital networking platform and the extraordinary live and professional directory that it is! Know how to maximize your professional online presence, target strategic people and attain your objectives through meetings that pave the professional way!



Effective personalized and professional Cover, Thank You Letter and References’ List. Standing out from the competition is crucial to succeed! Various outlines and strategies are explored in order to refine their efficiency and professionalism.



Experience interviews as business meetings rather than inquisitions, it is possible! Finding out how to answer all the tough questions and standing apart from your competition is equally possible! Presentation of the know how before, during and after an interview as well as the analysis of numerous questions and answers.



Lab to help you develop and/or enhance your profile with the help of a counsellor specialized in skills & achievements identification as well as professional marketing and the digital platform.



Individual Coaching

Following participation to the workshops, it is possible to set a telephone or in person appointment with the counselor to develop a resume, receive coaching for an upcoming interview, to simulate a recorded interview, validate a LinkedIn profile, etc. It is also possible to consult her to validate interrogations, develop a concrete action plan, receive encouragement and boost motivation.


Active Job Search Boot Camp – Group of 10 Trebassians required

It is possible for the Institute’s graduates to be group coached intensely in a 3-week daily search. Thereafter, if needed, regular follow-ups are made until a job is obtained by each candidate to ensure that motivation stays present.

Please note, this active search service is for motivated graduates who are willing to make the necessary efforts to transform their job search process and career into a success. That being said, all Trebassiens serious about job search and ready to engage fully are welcome!

Feedbacks - Graduates who participated in the project noted that the service had prompted them to take initiatives and make calls. Moreover, their job search was better structured and focused more on the type of jobs they really coveted. Supervised by Josée, a passionate counsellor who knows how to encourage and motivate, the graduates who participated in the Boot Camp immediately understood that to find the desired job, they had to act rather than wait in front of the computer!



Career Lunch

Entertainment industry professionals are invited to present their services, opportunities and needs to the Trebassian community. Presentations are 30 to 60 minutes and are scheduled around lunch hours.


Custom Broadcast list of offers, invitations and social networks

All requests for intern, service, labor, volunteer and invitations as well as promotions relating to the job market handled by Career Services are sent personally to Trebassians via custom e-mailing lists. In cases where Trebassiens do not wish to receive such information by e-mail, they can still access it by following our INSTITUT TREBAS INSTITUTE pages on FACEBOOK and LINKEDIN.



Testimonials of students and graduates


« I made a few appointments with Josée about my CV and for help to put it together, I never thought it would turn out the way it did. Not only does it highlight my talents and creativity but it also made me more confident in myself, because of her help I feel much more prepared in finding a career. Josée is also very friendly, optimistic and easy to work with. Thanks Josée! »

Immanuel Agostino

Graduating Student - Music Business Administration - 2014



« Josée Daigneault, a generous person with her time, experiences and knowledge. She excels not only in her help to students for their career development but also as a motivator and is just a good person to be around. I highly recommend to all people seeking success to contact Josée and I am confident that you will manage to accomplish your biggest challenges. »

Bruno Francois Perrier

Main Sound Technician - YOUR FAVOURITE ENEMIES, Drummondville & International Tour - 2014

Graduate - Sound Design - 2014



« Josée is a motivated and motivating person. Her ability to identify strengths, her encouragements, precision and good mood make her a trusted pedagogue. I highly recommend Josée Daigneault for her great work. »

Valentin Nadjie

Production Coordinator - BELL MEDIA, Montreal - 2014

Graduate - Film and Television Production - 2014



« At Trebas Institute I had the opportunity to meet great people in a very favorable environment for success. Many will say that even after graduation, it is difficult to find a job in our field. For my part, I managed to find a job in post-production and recording quickly. Special mention to Josée Daigneault, Director of Career Services at Trebas Institute of Montreal, for her full collaboration in the job search process for students, for her help, advice and expertise that enable graduates to be well prepared to take their first steps in the industry. »

Maxime Poulin

Sound and Video Animation Editor Technician - TERRA NOVA, Laval - 2014

Graduate - Sound Design - 2013



« Josée is a very helpful person and very well informed about giving advice and strategies to find a career job. »

Tareq Adbel Ghaffar

1st Camera Assistant – EAGLE EYE PRODUCTIONS, Montreal - 2014

Graduate - Film and Television Production - 2014



« Josée Daigneault will guide you in order for your professional career to attain success. As a graduating student from Trebas Institute, Josée Daigneault guided and assisted me resulting in structuring a professional resume. A session with her will open doors on a potential booming career. I now hold the title of Production Manager and Coordinator in a web series “La Resolution” thanks to her guidance and motivation. Josée Daigneault always says “I am passionate about resumes.” so let her shape your resume to fit the needs of our current changing times »

Elias Fattal

Production Coordinator of the Web Series La Résolution – ENSANT, La Prairie - 2013

Student - Film and Television Production – 2013


« The arrival of Josée at Trebas Institute has been extremely beneficial for me, thanks to her professionalism and desire to help us get into the audiovisual labor market, difficult to access. Her support spans all facets of the job search, from resume writing to the contribution of some motivation and self-confidence, which led me to get an internship and a first contract the industry. Thank you Josée! »

Kenza Aloui Socé

Assistant Editor - 24CH, Montreal - 2013

Graduate - Film and Television Production - 2013



« I highly recommend Josée for her expertise and dedication to work. Meeting her was a significant transition. She has encouraged me to persevere with my career objectives. By her efforts and endeavors as a Counselor and business coach I got an amazing opportunity as a film editor. Thank you Josée. »

Bashar Samman

Editor – VISION GLOBALE, Montreal - 2013

Graduate - Film and Television Production - 2012



« I strongly recommend Josée for her professionalism, high integrity and devotion to duty as a Career Consultant/Coach. I had a lot of trouble finding work but with Josée's assistance, I landed an amazing position as an Internal Media Consultant at Day Trader Canada. With her expertise, I know that Josée is the type of person who will follow through and be there in every step of the way on your career search. Thank you Josée! »

Alek Lubczynski

Internal Support Consultant - DAY TRADER, Brossard - 2013

Graduate - Film and Television Production - 2013


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