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Audio Engineering & Production

Behind every great song is the work of those wizards of studio magic called audio engineers. These talented and versatile individuals can also be found in many other occupations including live concerts, film and radio, videogames, ringtones, corporate events, theatre, and many more. Students in Trebas Institute's Audio Engineering & Production and DJ Arts programs learn from the best instructors with industry standard recording and editing equipment to thrive in any aspect of today's modern recording industry.


Program Description

This full-time, 48-week program will guide you through the exciting world of sound over the course of four terms.
  • In Term One, students are introduced to a wide variety of recording techniques, audio equipment and music theory in the studio and classroom, including acoustic principles, songwriting, audio in film and television, digital and multi-track recording, and studio applications and technologies
  • In Term Two, students get to apply these techniques during hands-on recording sessions, critical listening exercises, MIDI applications, studio maintenance, and sound editing for film, television and DJ arts
  • Term Three continues to expand and refine recording techniques while exploring live sound, orchestration, film and television soundtracks, the music industry, modern production mixing and mastering, and a major project applying acoustic principles to studio design
  • In Term Four, your accumulated knowledge is brought together for final projects in MIDI, mixing and mastering, with a focus on interactive audio, communications and career strategies


What The Faculty Are Saying

Career Outlook

Versatility and an entrepreneurial mindset are the best ways to ensure constant employment as an audio engineer. There are many job opportunities beyond the aforementioned examples, such as working as a Foley editor (sound effects), audio archiving or even forensic audio. Alternately, you may decide to start your own studio. Whether you are seeking artistically fulfilling opportunities or lucrative corporate work, Trebas will provide you with the essential knowledge and skills to find rewarding employment. 

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