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Step into our labs and audio studios powered by industry-standard software and equipment. Here, create professional sound for live concert mixing, film production, radio, videogame production, corporate events, digital media and theatre. Learn from award-winning instructors with extensive industry experience, constantly working to update this program to keep you at the cutting edge of audio.

Program highlights:

  • Operate large format recording consoles.
  • Record, edit, and mix using Pro Tools.
  • Set up gear and mix live sound.
  • Compose and sequence MIDI.
  • Write songs.
  • Navigate the music industry.

Tuition and payment:

Domestic - $18,800

International - $21,800

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Key facts:

Intakes: January, April, July and October

  • One-year, full-time diploma program
  • Daytime classes

Admission Requirements

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Learn from audio professionals who have been nominated or won prestigious awards, including:

  • Annecy Awards
  • Gemini Awards
  • Canadian Screen Awards
  • Emmy Awards
  • Career Colleges Ontario Awards - Excellence in Teaching

Studio In-Residence Program

The Studio In-Residence Program will give students employment opportunities to participate in project development, production, post-production, or film marketing with Factory Film Studio. To find out more about how Trebas students helped with the sound design and mixing of a recent Factory Film Studio production, check out this blog.

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Program Overview

During your first term, you will be introduced to a wide variety of recording techniques, audio engineering equipment and music theory in the studio and classroom, including acoustic principles, songwriting, audio in film and television, digital and multi-track recording and studio applications and technologies.


Songwriting - 19.5h

This module will introduce you to the process of writing lyrics and setting them to music. It will demonstrate both the creative and commercial aspects of lyric usage.

Music Fundamentals - 19.5h

This module will introduce you to the basic principles of the language of music, including aspects of tempo and rhythm, as well as chords and pitch. Through various written and auditory quizzes, you will gain insight into how music is written, read and performed.

Introduction to MIDI (Sound Design) - 41.5h

In this module, you will learn the fundamentals of the language of MIDI and its importance in modern film and recording studios. We break down the MIDI sequencer as a tool and learn how to operate and create music using synthesizers, samplers and computers.

Audio for Film and Television I - 19.5h

This module will introduce the principles and techniques for capturing and creating sound in film and television. In addition, it will familiarize you with the tools used in both studio and location recording.

Introduction to Digital Audio - 41.5h

This module will introduce you to the ever-evolving process of digitizing audio waveforms for usage in digital audio workstations. Addressing transmission methods, concepts, and theories, the module defines the digital encoding method across various platforms.

Sound and Recording Techniques I - 39h

This course will introduce you to the basic principles of recording sound. It will familiarize you with several types of recording media as well as the technology used in the recording process.

Multitrack Recording Techniques I - 40.5h

This module will offer you a hands-on examination of the theoretical and technical concepts of sound engineering and recording. In particular, you will explore techniques for multitrack recording, including the usage of scratch tracks and bed tracks as the foundation of your recording. 

Practical Studio Applications - 19.5h

This module will reinforce and elaborate on the theory, techniques, and applications of audio engineering and production in the studio while providing an overview of the industry itself. You will learn about growth markets, studio personnel, and history. 

Studio Technologies - 19.5h

This module will provide you with a firm introduction to theoretical and practical concepts relating to technology in the studio, such as electricity and electronics, basic wiring, and related problems.

In your second term, you will learn to apply recording techniques during hands-on recording sessions, critical listening exercises, MIDI applications, studio maintenance and sound editing for film, television and DJ arts.


Advanced Music Fundamentals - 19.5h

Advanced music builds on the foundation outlined in music fundamentals. You gain a deeper understanding of music theory and auditory notation and learn how rhythm, melody, harmony, and time signatures impact listeners.

Advanced MIDI (Sound Design) - 41.5h

Advanced MIDI focuses on the accelerated language of MIDI and how to operate a sampler/synthesizer in tandem with sequencers. You will learn about the fundamental principles within the architecture and algorithms of K2000.

Audio for Film and Television II - 19.5h

This module will introduce you to all aspects of film audio, including how sound is recorded on set and how to think ahead to post-production. In addition, you will listen to and watch films that illustrate the difference between sound effects gathering and sound design.

Advanced Digital Audio - 22h

Using Pro Tools, you will create both a commercial and a radio play that reflects the necessary skills involved in recording, editing and mixing.  

Sound and Recording Techniques II - 39h

This module will offer a detailed examination of the theoretical and technical concepts of sound engineering and recording.

Multitrack Recording Techniques II - 40h

This “in studio” lab further re-enforces the necessity of proper miking technique and the process of recording artists both with an initial take and an overdub.

DJ Arts - 20h

This module aims to provide you with a firm introduction to theoretical and practical concepts related to a career as a producer and DJ. You will learn about the role of producers and DJs in the music and entertainment industry.

Critical Listening Techniques - 19.5h

Explore the art of listening with a detailed examination of the theoretical and technical underpinnings of sound. You will learn about aspects of the recording process pertaining to our listening environment and the role that listening plays in the mixing process.

Principals of Sound and Acoustics I - 19.5h

This course provides a firm introduction to theoretical and practical concepts related to audio perception, audio physics and audio treatments. You will be introduced to the scientific properties of sound waves through a discussion and evaluation of audio phenomena such as timbre, reverberation, and psychoacoustics.

Studio Maintenance and Repairs I - 19.5h

This class explores the various methodology and instruments used in the design and upkeep of electrical components found within a recording facility. You will gain practical insight into the care and maintenance of studio equipment.

In term three, you will continue to expand and refine your recording techniques while exploring live sound, orchestration, film and television soundtracks, the music industry, and modern production mixing.


Recorded Music Production - 19.5h

This course covers the history of recorded music production along with the structure and breakdown of modern popular music and recording techniques. In addition, you will explore marketplace opportunities for production.

Audio for Film and Television III - 19.5h

This course promotes listening skills to critically evaluate and deconstruct soundtracks. This process will enable you to understand the nuances and complexity of audio. You will explore audio signal flow, troubleshooting and how to achieve a high level of sound quality.

Multitrack Recording Techniques III - 43h

This course offers a hands-on examination of the theoretical and technical concepts of sound engineering and recording. It builds on the foundation of previous multitrack recording courses.

Live Sound Production - 23h

This course prepares you to design and install sound systems, communicate effectively with clients and other industry professionals, adapt to any area of live sound reinforcement, and troubleshoot problems efficiently. By the end of the course, you will be capable of completing a full live recording.

Acoustics – 19.5h

This course offers you a more defined fundamental understanding of studio acoustics, its theory, and applications in a number of different production environments. Its main focus is to develop and design a template for a small to medium recording facility that you will build (in theory) from the ground up.

Soundtrack for Film and Television I - 22h

This course offers a detailed examination of the theoretical and technical concepts of post-audio for film and video. You will complete a final assignment and a mid-term workshop. These projects can then be used as a building block to assemble individual demo reels.

Orchestration - 19.5h

Orchestration introduces you to both traditional and non-traditional methods of scoring music for film and television. You will gain an understanding of the psychological and emotional impacts that music has on audiences.

Studio Production Techniques - 33h

In this lab, learn about studio floor setup, microphone selection and applications and control room signal routing. You will be better prepared for actual recording projects requiring modern recording techniques.

Music Industry Overview - 39h

This module will offer a structural overview of the music/recording industry. In addition, you will explore the relationships between the different types of organizations that comprise the music industry. This course will also explore elements such as copyright law, contractual relationships, and ethics.

Mixing and Mastering Techniques - 22h

Explore a wide range of mixing-oriented balancing, equalization, dynamics and effects processing tasks. You will complete assignments that involve mixing both songs consisting of authentic instrumentation and MIDI instrumentation. You will also learn the theory and practical application of mastering.

In term four, your accumulated knowledge is brought together for final projects in MIDI, mixing and mastering, with a focus on interactive audio, communications and career strategies which prepares you for a successful career in audio.


Final MIDI Project Completion - 36h

You will be given a real-world job scenario in which you must complete a project according to industry standards using your accumulative knowledge from all prior MIDI classes.

Soundtrack for Film and Television II - 36h

Learn about the theoretical and technical concepts of post-audio for film and video. You will complete a final assignment and a workshop. These projects can then be used as a building block to assemble individual demo reels.

Final Studio Production Project Completion - 18h

This module will guide you through the final production steps of their recording and mixing assignments. It will finalize the audio mixes meant for your final demo reel.

Studio Maintenance and Repairs II - 27h

Studio Maintenance II takes a hands-on approach to techniques involved in the maintenance of everyday studio equipment. Its main focus is to provide you with an understanding of how to repair commonly used studio items.

Mixing and Mastering Final Project Completion - 36h

Delivering a project on time and to your client’s specifications is paramount to success. This module acquaints you with project deadlines and working within team environments. You will transfer your recorded projects from an offsite studio and apply your accumulated knowledge to complete a final project.

Interactive Audio - 13.5h

This module provides you with a firm grounding in interactivity and the programming of small applications. You gain a fundamental understanding of user interfaces and navigation.

Careers - 13.5h

Learn the strategies needed to start your career and thrive in the audio industry. You’ll gain fresh insights into resumes, networking, interviewing, and salary negotiation, as well as explore the role of social media in your job search. By the end of the course, you will have the tools and confidence to launch your career.

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Skills and Competencies

Some of the engineering and production skills you will acquire during this program include:

  • Recording engineering and large format recording console operation
  • Pro tools recording, editing and mixing
  • Live sound set up and mixing
  • Midi composition and sequencing
  • Song writing
  • Music industry navigation


Career Outlook

Our graduates pursue successful careers in the following roles:


  • Audio content creator (radio)
  • Audio visual technician
  • Boom operator/location sound
  • DJ
  • Foley artist
  • Installation technician
  • Live recording mixer
  • Live sound technician
  • Music composer/arranger
  • Music producer
  • Music session player
  • Post audio editor
  • Recording engineer
  • Sound editor
  • Studio assistant/manager
  • Theatre technician



Jobs added nationally to the Canadian music publishing and sound recording industry in 2020 (



Million contributed to Ontario’s GDP by the sound recording industry in 2020 (

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