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Audio Engineering & Production/DJ Arts - Toronto

Learn to create professional sound for a variety of different applications— live concert mixing, film production, radio, videogame production, corporate events, digital media and theatre.

Using a blend of theoretical learning and practical experience you’ll learn how to use the relevant software in our on-campus labs and audio studios as well as in our external commercial studio.

Our instructors are constantly working to update the program to keep you at the cutting edge of the industry.Additionally, our team are trained in state-of-the-art recording and editing equipment to help you thrive in any aspect of today’s modern recording industry.

As a result, by the time you leave the program, you’ll be an excellent candidate for a number of different roles in the industry.

Tuition fees

Micro-Credential Protools Basic Introduction

Key facts

Intakes: January, April, July and October

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960 hours

12-months (48 weeks)

4 terms


Daytime classes

Diploma program

Domestic Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships and Grants are available for a limited time. *T&Cs apply.

Program Overview

During your first term, you’ll be introduced to a wide variety of recording techniques, audio engineering equipment and music theory in the studio and classroom, including acoustic principles, songwriting, audio in film and television, digital and multi-track recording and studio applications and technologies.

  • Songwriting - 19.5h
  • Music Fundamentals - 19.5h
  • Introduction to MIDI (Sound Design) - 41.5h
  • Audio for Film and Television I - 19.5h
  • Introduction to Digital Audio - 41.5h
  • Sound and Recording Techniques I - 39h
  • Multitrack Recording Techniques I - 40.5h
  • Practical Studio Applications - 19.5h
  • Studio Technologies - 19.5h

In your second term, students will learn to apply these techniques during hands-on recording sessions, critical listening exercises, MIDI applications, studio maintenance and sound editing for film, television and DJ arts.

  • Advanced Music Fundamentals - 19.5h
  • Advanced MIDI (Sound Design) - 41.5h
  • Audio for Film and Television II - 19.5h
  • Advanced Digital Audio - 22h
  • Sound and Recording Techniques II - 39h
  • Multitrack Recording Techniques II - 40h
  • DJ Arts - 20h
  • Critical Listening Techniques - 19.5h
  • Principals of Sound and Acoustics I - 19.5h
  • Studio Maintenance and Repairs I - 19.5h

Term three continues to expand and refine recording techniques while exploring live sound, orchestration, film and television soundtracks, the music industry, modern production mixing and mastering and a major project applying acoustic principles to studio design.

  • Recorded Music Production - 19.5h
  • Audio for Film and Television III - 19.5h
  • Multitrack Recording Techniques III - 43h
  • Live Sound Production - 23h
  • Acoustics – 19.5h
  • Soundtrack for Film and Television I - 22h
  • Orchestration - 19.5h
  • Studio Production Techniques - 33h
  • Music Industry Overview - 39h
  • Mixing and Mastering Techniques - 22h

In term four, your accumulated knowledge is brought together for final projects in MIDI, mixing and mastering, with a focus on interactive audio, communications and career strategies which prepares you for a successful career in audio.

  • Final MIDI Project Completion - 36h
  • Soundtrack for Film and Television II - 36h
  • Final Studio Production Project Completion - 18h
  • Studio Maintenance and Repairs II - 27h
  • Mixing and Mastering Final Project Completion - 36h
  • Interactive Audio - 13.5h
  • Careers - 13.5h

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Skills and Competencies

Some of the engineering and production skills you will acquire during this program include:

  • Recording engineering and large format recording console operation
  • Pro tools recording, editing and mixing
  • Live sound set up and mixing
  • Midi composition and sequencing
  • Song writing
  • Music industry navigation


Career Outlook

Our graduates pursue successful careers in the following roles:


  • Audio content creator (radio)
  • Audio visual technician
  • Boom operator/location sound
  • DJ
  • Foley artist
  • Installation technician
  • Live recording mixer
  • Live sound technician
  • Music composer/arranger
  • Music producer
  • Music session player
  • Post audio editor
  • Recording engineer
  • Sound editor
  • Studio assistant/manager
  • Theatre technician
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