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A great television or film production is a result of a talented group of individuals combining their skills.

Discover how an idea is taken from development to the big screen throughout our 48-week program.

Through the teachings of experienced instructors and by using industry standard equipment, you’ll receive comprehensive training focused on giving you the skills and creativity you need to land a role once you’ve completed your qualification.

Regardless of whether you have experience in the industry, you’ll leave the program feeling confident.  

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Micro-Credential Story Development for Screenwriting

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Intakes: January, April, July and October

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960 hours

12-months (48 weeks)

4 terms


Daytime classes

Diploma program

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Program Overview

The initial term is focused on scriptwriting, audio and online video. You will develop your storytelling abilities and build your understanding of the role of sound and music in video.


Scriptwriting – 89h

This course introduces you to the methodology of professional scriptwriting, the same methods used in modern Hollywood blockbusters, classic films, and television series. You will explore the history of scriptwriting and learn techniques and terminology used by professional scriptwriters.

Audio for Film & Video – 33h

This module offers an introduction to the principles and techniques for capturing and creating sound in film and television. It familiarizes you with the tools used in both studio and location recording.

Introduction to Digital Audio – 30h

This is the first in a series of three lab courses designed to introduce you to digital audio editing and manipulation using Pro Tools. You will get a tour of the different aspects involved in creating audio for various visual media, along with an introduction to Pro Tools’ unique features.

Audio Post Design – 54h

This lab focuses on the original recording of sound for visual media. You will record each element of a Film/Video soundtrack, from dialogue and Foley sounds to special effects and music. You can also gain hands-on experience with mic setups, organization of multiple takes and the process of importing existing audio tracks into the Pro Tools environment.

Online Video – 54h

In this module, you will learn the processes involved in creating professional quality web video that stands out in the attention economy. You will gain a complete understanding of the opportunities, limitations, production, and distribution process of web video. This is a solid introduction to professional planning and production techniques.

Your second term is dedicated to production and will give you the skills to effectively produce and direct. This will include camera work, lighting, sound and cinematography.


Cinematography – 107.5h

This module will familiarize you with the basic theory of cinematography and enable you to understand the technology and techniques used in contemporary cinematography for film and video. You will gain an understanding of the basic roles of the DOP and camera operator and their relationship to film, video, directors, and television producers.

Film & Television Production – 45h

Within this module, you will study professional television studio production, the same methods used for the production of such television shows as The Fifth Estate and 60 Minutes, as well as live news shows such as The National. The module provides a pragmatic, hands-on experience with the technical equipment and aesthetic design used in the pre-production, production, and post-production sequence of television.

Production/Directing – 107.5h

This module introduces you to fundamental film directing theories and esthetics. During this course, you will become familiar with how to conceive and tell film stories, as well as learn the ways in which to employ the tools of film directing.

Term 3 centers around editing and management by introducing important editing training necessary during post-production, along with valuable planning, development, distribution and marketing business skills.


Pitch Training – 10h

During the Pitch Training course students will study the process and techniques used to get a script concept into development. This course will take students through the required steps necessary to create and build a strong pitch package that encapsulates the essence of the screen story so it can be interpreted and sold to film/TV executives and decision-makers.

Editing – 128.5h

Editing Theory

Study the fundamentals of film and video editing employed in Hollywood blockbusters, classic films, and television series. You’ll look at historical methods of editing as well as modern techniques for digital editing. You’ll also acquire the emotional and intellectual abilities required to convey the intended meaning of a picture.

Editing Labs

Take the knowledge gained from, “Editing Theory,” and apply it to the creation of a professional film. You will start by marking and editing clips to create a rough cut, then trim and refine the cut before moving on to rendering, colour grading, and integrating multi-camera footage. You’ll finish this lab with a final film ready for distribution, 

Production Management – 45h

Study the management mechanisms involved in film and television production. You will learn all the steps of film production taken by producers, directors, and production managers. You will prepare a production book for your shoot that includes a final marked script, script breakdown pages, shooting schedule, budget, cast, crew, and location list.


Special Effect Design – 31.5h

This module introduces you to the post-production world of Video Special Effects. Through the use of the latest software, you will gain insight into the methods used to add that “Flash and Glitter” element to professionally produced corporate and personal videos.

Film History – 22.5h

The Film History module explores traditional approaches to film history, with special attention to national cinemas and the four core approaches to reading film history. You will understand the interconnectedness of a number of influences throughout the evolution of film.

Film/TV Distribution and Marketing – 22.5h

This module promotes an understanding of the business aspects of film and television production. You will explore concepts such as financing, distribution, and marketing, as well as the roles of government policy and public and private funding.

Your final term will be dedicated to showcasing your accumulated acquired skills. You will use these throughout a complete film production cycle, starting with a pitch to get your project off the ground and culminating with your final short film project.


Careers – 13.5h

Learn the strategies needed to start your career and thrive in the film and television industry. You’ll gain fresh insights into resumes, networking, interviewing, and salary negotiation, as well as explore the role of social media in your job search. By the end of the course, you will have the tools and confidence to launch your career. 

Pre-Production - 19.5h

In this advanced course, you will be led through the entire pre-production process, allowing you to create a plan to ensure mistakes are avoided during the production stage of your final project.

Casting Lab - 14h

Gain an understanding of the casting process that occurs during the pre-production of a film. You will become casting directors, scout for actors, and hold casting calls and auditions to make final casting decisions with respect to your final project.

Production Lab – 50h

The Production Lab is an advanced-level course that is the culmination of all the production knowledge gained during the entire program. You will be challenged to apply your practical knowledge to an on-location film shoot to create a 10-minute video project.

Final Project Editing: Lab – 45h

Within this module, you will employ what you have learned about conceptual development and aesthetic decision-making as you complete one or more final project short films of your own design. Advanced theoretical and technical instruction in editing, compositing, and effects will accompany critiques of your work. The course will conclude with an evaluated screening, broadcast-ready masters and a promotional package for film festivals and portfolio use. 

Final Project Audio Lab – 10h

Apply the theoretical and technical concepts of post-audio to your final project. You will use sound effects, dialogue (ADR), Foley, and music before proceeding to the final mix and mastering.

Production/Directing III: Lab – 28h

This course is a culmination of all the directing courses and will focus on the artistic aspect of directing actors, especially for character-driven work. You will develop the interplay between actor, camera and visual environment. In addition, you will prepare scenes for direction and present your work for critique.

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Skills and Competencies

Throughout the program, you will develop your skills in the following areas:


  • Assistant Director
  • Assistant Film Editor
  • Audio Post-Production, Pro Tools, Sound FX and Sound Mixing
  • Boom Operator
  • Camera Assistant
  • Cinematography
  • Collaborating in pre-production activities
  • Digital camera operation
  • Digital Film Editing
  • Directing
  • Dynamic lighting placement
  • Film Distributor – Acquisitions
  • Music video producer
  • Networking in the film industry
  • Operating Location audio equipment
  • Performing sound editing of movies and videos
  • Portfolio Creation
  • Post-production Supervisor (video editing, color correction, film-title design, etc.)
  • Producing
  • Production Assistant
  • Production Coordinator
  • Screenwriting
  • Script Supervisor – Film Continuity
  • Script writing
  • Special Effects for Film (After Effects)
  • Television broadcast Switcher
  • Television production assistant
  • Understanding film semiotics (the role of the framing, editing and sound)
  • Web series Producer

Career Outlook

Our graduates pursue successful careers in the following roles:


  • Camera operator
  • Film or video editor
  • Film producer/director/cinematographer
  • Gaffer/grip
  • Post-production
  • Screenwriter



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