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Faculty Profile

Trevor Marshall

Audio Engineering Instructor

A true teaching veteran, Trevor Marshall consistently scores among the top three rankings during the Instructors Evaluations.
Among many others, some phrases/words used by the students to describe Trevor are:
‘My all-time favourite teacher’, ‘Fantastic’, ‘Inspiring’ and ‘Best teacher ever’.
Trevor graduated from Trebas Institute almost 2 decades ago. He returned to Trebas after gaining real world experience and excelling in the field of Audio Engineering. His strong belief in Trebas’ goals inspired him to join the Institute’s team of Instructors in their mission to teach, inspire and change people’s lives by helping them realizing their dreams. Trevor takes pleasure in sharing his knowledge and work experience with budding students who want to break into the music industry. He is an established songwriter, and has composed music for both his own CD releases as well as commercials. He is also one of the largest ringtone artists in the world, with more than 2,200 ringtones in his catalogue, sold in more than 25 countries.
It truly does take a unique balance of knowledge and the ability to effectively convey information to students at various levels of skill and intellectual capacity. Trevor accomplishes this task consistently and effectively and has successfully been doing so for over a decade. Trevor not only strives to cover all lessons in the curriculum but adds in his own real world experience, and cleverly intersperses motivational life lessons that allows students to realize their full potential – this is where Trevor is special. Detailed and relevant information combined with positive reinforcements and inspirational messages really drives the students to higher limits. Their appetites for learning increases and their focus on their goals are enhanced. Trevor’s students not only finish the course with newly found knowledge, but also with a new outlook on life and a lesson on how to carve your own path in any environment – complex or simple.
Trevor has clearly demonstrated that he cares about his students. There are always rumblings in the hall of excited students who are either eager to attend his class, or have just completed his class and are ready to take on the world.

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