4 reasons to consider a career in cybersecurity

While the digital age has brought in many technological upgrades, it has also increased the scope of malicious attacks. Phishing scams, malware, ransomware and more have become frequent and advanced. Organizations have to strengthen their cybersecurity to counter these attacks that can damage sensitive data and ruin the reputation of the company.

As a result, cybersecurity jobs have been on the increase and there is high demand for cybersecurity specialists. Given that confidentiality and protection of data is important for all companies, including large enterprises and small businesses, cybersecurity should have become an important part of their strategy.

A career in this sector ensures stability, as it is growing at a tremendous rate. In a report shared by McKinsey & Company, cybersecurity has a $2 trillion market, which means that opportunities are plentiful. With the help of a good program or course in this sector, you can prepare yourself for excellent job roles.


Digital developments [NP1]

To keep up with the advancements in the digital era, organizations are constantly updating their technology, which could put them at risk of cyberattacks. One of the most well-known cyberattacks was the data breach of eBay, that led to leaked data of 145 million active users in 2014. [NP2] Other big names that faced similar threats are Abode, Target and recently Microsoft, where the tech giant confirmed that misconfiguration led to a data leak that impacted 65,000+ entities.

As a result, companies have implemented new cybersecurity strategies, which has led to more cybersecurity jobs. The Bank of Canada, for instance, has outlined a new cybersecurity strategy for 2022-24, where the focus is to create stronger cyber resilience. The Canadian financial institution plans to use appropriate cybersecurity tools to ensure that such concerns are mitigated.


Creating a cyber-safe future

Security awareness has become essential, and companies are very focused on making employees more aware of data security. Having employees aware and accountable would certainly help create better vigilance for problems like phishing, email fraud, viruses and more.

A greater need for establishing a stronger cybersecurity system is present, especially as hackers are constantly evolving to get past cybersecurity tech. The shocking data breach case in Yukon, Canada where a USB stick was bought at a pawn shop and had confidential government files, shows that security training to safeguard data is essential. According to IT World Canada, this was a lucky escape where data did not fall in the wrong hands. The same cannot be said for the infamous LinkedIn data breach where information of 700 users was posted on the dark web. According to CSO online, this was one of the biggest breaches of the 21st century.  

As a nation, Canada is focused on creating a stronger cybersecurity strategy as digital tools are now a part of everyday life. According to a report published on the official Government of Canada website, the country is focused on scaling cybersecurity technologies which would help protect the government and private sector systems. Canada is currently working on bridging the skill gap and putting an emphasis on cybersecurity which will lead to a boost in cybersecurity jobs too.


Vast field with various opportunities

Being a cybersecurity professional means that you can choose among a range of career options and there is enormous scope for growth. With organizations focusing on more reliable computer and digital infrastructure and addressing all the loopholes in the security network, cybersecurity professionals will be required to mitigate cyberattacks and create a robust safety network that addresses prominent threats. 

The market in this sector is vast and is expanding at an exponential pace. Even the iconic brand, blackberry, has reinvented itself as a cybersecurity company. According to CNBC, the company has two main units - cybersecurity and the Internet of Things.


The era of cyber awareness

Cybersecurity is not a fad but a reality that can affect everyone’s life, be it an average person or a Fortune 500 company. As we move towards an ever-evolving tech-advanced world filled with gadgets and AI tools, cyber safety is very important.

Organizations are increasingly seeking out cybersecurity experts and interested candidates will find various opportunities in the Canadian market, both at entry and senior-level job roles. According to Simplilearn, there is a scarcity of professionals in Canada which makes it an excellent field for students to progress in.

Looking at the demand for cybersecurity professionals, even veterans are being encouraged to opt for programs in this sector. According to Ernst & Young (EY), the Government of Canada wants Canadian Armed Forces veterans who are trained in cybersecurity to meet the overwhelming skill demand in this sector.

As a student looking for a stable and well-paid career, you will find excellent prospects and growth opportunities in the field of cybersecurity. Trebas Institute - Montreal will help you on this journey by equipping you with the necessary learning and skill set in this field.

Trebas Institute’s Computer Security Analyst program, which is delivered in both French and English, focuses on a variety of key elements that are integral in protecting computer data. Students will be trained in programming and problem-solving languages, preventive surveillance of cyber threats, blockchain technology and a lot more.

Additionally, by opting for this program, students will be able to build a huge cybersecurity network by connecting with 13,000+ members and corporate members at Canadian Cybersecurity Network, who have partnered with Trebas to bring students relevant knowledge and help them in skill building.

If you are looking to study in the vibrant city of Montreal and want to begin your academic journey with Trebas Institute, then click here to learn more.

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