How do you find work after graduating?

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Look, learning for the sake of learning is wonderful, but most people go to college because they want a fulfilling career. That’s why Trebas helps students develop in-demand skill sets through the guidance of industry-experienced instructors.

But what happens after graduation?

Well, that’s where the Career Services team comes in.

Headed by Lawrence Jose, Career Services Coordinator, this supportive team prepares students to pursue the career of their dreams. They offer:

  • Support with job search.
  • Help with optimizing resumes, CV letters, and LinkedIn profiles.
  • Job interview preparation.

We sat down with Lawrence to discuss his role and learn more about how he helps students.

How would you describe your role in Career Services and what you do for students?

My main role is to understand student needs in terms of career guidance and then provide that support.  It could be CV-building. It could be writing cover letters. Or it could be looking for a job or co-op opportunities.

Do students in different programs require different types of support?

Yes, the needs of students in each program are very different.

What do students in our tech programs typically need?

For cybersecurity and data analytics students, I help them find a co-op work placement that lets them practice the skills they’ve learned in class. The co-op is a vital part of the end of each of these programs.

What about the creative programs?

For the audio and film and TV production programs, I help them create resumes, portfolios, or demo reels of work to put up online.  In addition, whenever someone sends any volunteering or work opportunities that would fit their goals and interests, I send them out to the students so they can apply to them directly. And if they need any help in terms of tuning their CV based on the job description, I help them out with that as well.

Is it important to set career goals early?

You need to have a vision and a reason why you’re taking the course you chose. If you have that, it will be easier to navigate through the journey of reaching career milestones. If you have a vision and a reason, its easy to find a starting point.

Can you tell us about the webinars that Career Services hosts?

You can stay up to date on new job search trends and tips by viewing our free webinars. Regularly, students will receive invitations to attend and participate in these webinars.

Do you have any other advice for students to be successful?

It's always good to learn about the industry that you’re going into. So, if you've chosen cybersecurity, you should know at least 10 leading companies in cybersecurity, or at least pin down the specific area you want to focus on.

If students need interview tips, CV letter guidance, or other support, how can they reach you?

We meet students face-to-face during the orientation program and provide them with our contact info. After that, they can email us or visit our office on campus, which is open and accessible. They can set up an appointment via email or walk in at any time if they would like to discuss any problems or questions that they have.

Learn more by visiting the Career Services page.

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