How to Successfully Break into the Entertainment Industry

It goes without saying that today’s Entertainment Industry is amongst the most thriving and rapidly evolving and an industry that also has quite a great impact on our lives. Watching movies has become a popular entertainment activity and with various streaming platforms, the public can easily watch their favorite movie or show at home or while on the move. With the continuous upgrade in the related technology, as well as the immense financial investment into film and entertainment production, there is huge growth in the job opportunities available in this sector. 

While appearing as a glamorous career choice, the Entertainment Industry, formerly referred to as “Show Business” is like many other businesses however in order to become a part of this unique sector, you must have the right expertise, dedication and networking opportunities in order to become successful. Some that are new to this industry, many dream of becoming an actor as they think that filmed entertainment is just about actors. Frankly, it takes a large team of crew members including directors, producers, writers, technicians, promoters and many more to create entertainment, the elements of a quality film and/or TV series production. If you are inspired by the industry when you see film entertainment and want to somehow become part of it, then there are a few important factors to consider. 


Working in the entertainment industry 

The Entertainment Industry is vast and generates huge revenues and profits. According to a Forbes report released by the Motion Picture Association, the industry generated $100 Billion in 2019. In addition, this sector, which according to the U.S Bureau, employs nearly three million Americans, and includes many varied job roles, ranging from actors to publicists and booking agents.  

Breaking into such a competitive industry is not easy, but with hard work and talent, it can be an achievable goal. Though, your first important step in this direction is getting the training required for your desired job role. 


Gain the right competencies 

The Entertainment Business, like every other business, requires expertise for which you need to gain professional training to be considered for employment. Whether you want to be an artist manager or a social media marketer, you have to look for a good Entertainment Arts program that helps you build the right expertise. 

By studying in a quality entertainment arts program, you will get a good understanding of what it's like working in the entertainment industry and along with learning the principles involved. It may also connect you with excellent mentors, industry experts, film producers, record companies and more. 


Engage in creative projects 

If you are actively seeking a job in the entertainment industry then it’s necessary to display your talents through personal portfolio projects. Every experience matters and it's essential to build your portfolio. You can create a blog, make a documentary or short film or even be a volunteer on a film project. Some good examples of this are Shawn Mendes who landed his first record after releasing his video on the Vine app and Lilly Singh who got her own talk show after she gained popularity through her YouTube channel.  


Keep your passion alive 

Breaking into the entertainment industry has its hurdles and an excellent way to overcome them is by concentrating on your goals and in turn, keeping your passion for becoming a part of the entertainment industry alive. If you are truly driven to make it in this field, then you have to stay involved and keep building upon your experience. Even if your first job or experience on a production does not make an impact, your second or third project may be the one that launches your career. 

It’s important that you stay updated with the latest technology as well as trends in the industry which helps you stay current. By continually building your skills, you will keep your passion alive and will be aware of what’s trending and popular in the entertainment industry. Most importantly, a person must be dynamic, passionate, stay committed and don’t give up on their dream of entering the entertainment industry. 


Network effectively 

A golden rule of making as a professional in the entertainment industry, is dedicate the time to network and build a strong network of associates in the field. It is critical that you make the effort to expand your social connections, collaborate with others, attend events and don’t be shy to use social media to reach out to potential mentors and influential people in the industry. If you run into a director, producer, actor, promoter or anyone else in a networking opportunity, then be sure to follow up with them. 

Remember that many others are striving and seeking the same job as yourself and missing any chance can cost you a valuable and rare opportunities. Although, it’s important to ensure that you stay polite, respectful and patient for your chance to showcase your talents.


Educational Program 

While there are no shortcuts to success, an excellent educational program can be your bridge to the entertainment industry as it can help with development of the skills and competencies mentioned above so that your ability to master these challenges may become much easier. If you are keen to pursue a high-flying career then check out the Entertainment Management program offered by Trebas Institute at the Toronto campus. 

The Trebas Entertainment Management diploma program focuses on key elements such as Artist Management, Music Industry Marketing, Sales and Distribution of Film and Television, Graphic Design and Video Editing Skills for the Entertainment Industry, Video Production, as well as Accounting and Entrepreneurship by employing both theoretical learning and practical training. This program will help you become competent for a range of job roles in the field such as an A&R representative, artist manager, music supervisor, promoter, music producer, film-TV distributor, booking agent, publicist and more. 

The Entertainment Management program offered by Trebas Institute at the Toronto campus is a 12-month program taught by industry experts that are currently working in the entertainment industry themselves. Studying at Trebas Institute will give students great exposure with volunteer work, and many important networking opportunities as the city hosts numerous concerts, events and festivals including Canadian Music Week (CMW), as well as the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and more.


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